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Your November-December 2013 Mars Forecast!


Tonight: a special look ahead at how Mars in Virgo will be affecting YOU in the next month! PLUS: A one of a kind offer on readings for new clients who listen in…

Today is the 75th anniversary of Orson Welle’s “War Of The Worlds” broadcast… will the next month see any sneak attacks from Mars on YOUR birth chart? Tune in to find out!

6 PM Eastern, 3 PM Pacific

A Surprise Sale On Astrology Readings!

aaaaaaloveThere are eventful times ahead, and I’ve got a limited-time offer to help you make the most of them!

The NEXT FIVE PEOPLE who book a reading with me will get 20% off the regular list price…


-A bonus 15 minutes to use any time you want!

-a free copy of all my e-books!

-$25 dollars off of either your next reading, a reading for a friend, or the next online class I teach!

So write me HERE for details, or click HERE to book your reading… get it done before the Solar Eclipse hits on November 3rd!


The November Astrology Preview!


November is going to be an incredibly busy and eventful month! Astro-Events include:
-a Solar Eclipse in SCORPIO, sign of sex, death, & rebirth!
-Venus enters cautious Capricorn (and retrogrades in December!)
-Jupiter stations at 21 degrees Cancer and also turns retrograde
-Mercury in Scorpio GOES DIRECT
-AND Neptune GOES DIRECT in early Pisces
Dizzy yet? Here’s what’s on offer:
-Thirty minutes with me (via phone, e-mail,or IM) covering your astrological effects for the month of November… or anything else you need to know more about.
-Thirty minutes of TAROT with Aliza (from MoonPlutoAstrology) which covers any and all of the ground that astrology alone might not catch. (Aliza will add include her own Astrological insights for a modest fee, upon request.)
-A customized one-month Kepler forecast detailing the transits you need to know about.
-A personalized listing of Void Of Course Moon dates and times for your time zone. Know when to start new projects, making important decisions…and know when to avoid them for maximum effectiveness!
It’s two astrologers/intuitives for the price of one… plus the extras! You get the whole package for only $125.00!
Click here to write for more details, or HERE to take advantage of this offer now. Either way… it’s your future!

A Lunar Eclipse, Star Wars Astrology, The Astrology Of Stars At War, And More!

More blog entries than we can store!

More blog entries than we can store!

Hey… you haven’t subscribed to my new blog at Beliefnet yet? Well, heck, look at all the stuff you’ve missed in the last week alone:

-There’s a forecast for how today’s Lunar Eclipse will affect you in the weeks to come, and how it has already affected the highly public split between Bruce and Kris Jenner.

A look at the upcoming Mercury Retrograde (Can you benefit from it? Read and find out!)

How aspects work, using the Star Wars films as an analogy

-Speaking of “stars” and “war”: a two-parter about the astrology of the Miley Cyrus and Sinead O’Connor feud is HERE and HERE.

-And finally: three new entries in my “Astrology Of Love And Compatibility” series, where I take a swing at Gemini, Cancer, and Leo!


So hurry on over and hit that “subscribe” button already. Don’t make me tell you again: I’m already edgy enough with this eclipse going on… so edgy that I’m actually crazy enough to be doing readings at a 30% discount from list prices! Contact me for details!


Love And Sex In The Stars: Eclipse Mania!

beliefnet lunar eclipse forecast astrology matthew currieThe intersection of astrology and human hearts — who knows what things collide there? We do! Join Hilary and Matthew every week for fun, advice, tea and sympathy as we delve deep into the darkest reaches of the human heart and shine a little starlight in!

THIS EPISODE: A dramatic pair of eclipses this month make things fun… or funky… for many of us. Tune in and get the advance forecast!

TODAY AT 4 PM Eastern, 1 PM Pacific


Also, CLICK HERE for my Lunar Eclipse Forecast on Beliefnet!

Astrology On Beliefnet This Week

oh-my-starsHey, have you seen my new blog on Beliefnet? Well, if you haven’t, here’s what you’ve missed so far:

Uranus And Pluto: Breaking Bad

I’mma Let Uranus And Pluto Finish: The Astrology Of Kanye West

Introduction To The Astrology Of Love And Compatibility

Astrology Of Love And Compatibility: Aries

Astrology Of Love And Compatibility: Taurus

And finally, just in time for the weekend…

New Moon In Libra Forecast: This Ain’t No Love Boat

…so drop by and say hi, already!

Oh, and speaking of “Love Boats”…


The Time To Use Astrology To Understand Your Love Life Is NOW!



I’m thrilled to present a month-long learning experience on Facebook that combines the best qualities of a reading, a friendly gathering, a love-life workshop, and an astrology class! We’ll be looking at things like Venus and Mars, the Fifth and Eighth Houses, composite charts and more… but most importantly, we’ll be looking at the specifics of your love life: why it is the way it is, and (most importantly) what YOU can do about it!

If you’re a beginner at astrology or an intermediate student (or heck, even a pro, because who’s subjective about their own love life anyway?), you’ll get all the answers you’re looking for about your love life that you’d get from a regular reading, PLUS a learning experience that will help you carry on understanding your heart (and those of others) for years to come!

Featuring: Special Guest Lecturer Aliza from!

You’ll get all of this in a fun, friendly, supportive and sociable Facebook-based environment: drop in whenever you like, ask as many questions as you want, and learn from both your experiences and the experiences of others! And all for LESS than the cost of a regular reading!

BONUS: Sign up TODAY and not only will you get an e-copy of my book “Conquer The Universe With Astrology,” but also a free two month personalized Kepler astrological forecast!

A Reading, A Learning Experience, A Book and a Gathering… all for only $120.00 US!

PLUS: Sign up NOW and you’ll get a FREE e-copy of my book, “Conquer The Universe With Astrology: Love And Seduction By Starlight”!

If you’ve got issues with the people you love… mates, friends, children, past present or future… or haven’t found what you’re looking for yet, or want to make what you have better, or just get a love life in the first place… this is for YOU!

There’s limited admission, so contact me today for details, or CLICK HERE to sign up!


Hey, it works for us…