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Give The Gift Of The Future This Holiday Season!

ToesocksJust say no to the socks this year

The people on your shopping list don’t really need another pair of socks this holiday season, do they? When so many people have an interest in astrology, yet don’t fully comprehend what astrology can really do for them, wouldn’t it be great to have an easy introduction to what it can mean for them personally?

That’s why between now and January 6 I am presenting my exclusive HOLIDAY ASTROLOGY GIFT OF THE FUTURE

-A unique and individual personality profile

-12 months worth of personal forecasts

-And a half hour phone consultation on for less than the cost of a full reading!

Think about it: do you really need to be giving out socks again this year? Wouldn’t the amazement and guidance that only astrology can provide be a lot better?

Yeah. I thought so.


… Only $45 USD!

Write me for details, or to sign up NOW!

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