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Improve Your Love Life With Venus Retrograde (Yes, Really!)

broken-heart-8406391One of the questions astrologers end up addressing a lot is the subject of love. How do I get it? How do I keep it? Where did it go? And now, with Venus going retrograde next Saturday… is there any hope for me at all? Like a lot of life’s big questions, astrology can provide important clues and guidance. 

That’s all fine and well if you are an astrologer yourself, but what if you aren’t and just want to understand more about these things? Maybe more to the point: how can I use all this knowledge to maximize my love life?

With Venus about to go retrograde, there are those to tell you that that is a bad time to go looking for love. The truth is: retrogrades re often a better time for reflection and contemplation and strategy rather than direct action.

That’s why during this Venus retrograde I’m going to be teaching a new online course: Use Astrology To Find And Keep Love!

It’s not going to be just any old compatibility course (although of course we will be covering all the basics of what makes a relationship work and what can screw things up). Just as importantly: we are going to look at your personal birth chart and your personal circumstances. I’m going to show you how to find your romantic strengths and pitfalls, how to find those in others,

The course will be taught both through a closed Facebook group and through email, and the course will conclude with a personalized, one on one telephone consultation with me… all for lees than the cost of a regular reading!  It will combine the best parts of general learning and reading specific to your birth chart. If you are already a member of the Learn Astrology group on Facebook, you’ll get a discount. And hey, if you aren’t a member of my Subscription Service yet, why not write me and ask about it?

If you have love in your life, this is how you can learn to keep it and make it better.

If you were looking for love, this will help you maximize your resources.

Write me today or drop by the Oh My Stars group on Facebook for more details.

Don’t just sit back and wait for Venus retrograde to run you over: use it to your advantage!

Write me for details, or to sign up NOW… and send me your date, time and place of birth and I’ll send you a free sample of my SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE too! 

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