A Lunar Eclipse, Star Wars Astrology, The Astrology Of Stars At War, And More!

More blog entries than we can store!

More blog entries than we can store!

Hey… you haven’t subscribed to my new blog at Beliefnet yet? Well, heck, look at all the stuff you’ve missed in the last week alone:

-There’s a forecast for how today’s Lunar Eclipse will affect you in the weeks to come, and how it has already affected the highly public split between Bruce and Kris Jenner.

A look at the upcoming Mercury Retrograde (Can you benefit from it? Read and find out!)

How aspects work, using the Star Wars films as an analogy

-Speaking of “stars” and “war”: a two-parter about the astrology of the Miley Cyrus and Sinead O’Connor feud is HERE and HERE.

-And finally: three new entries in my “Astrology Of Love And Compatibility” series, where I take a swing at Gemini, Cancer, and Leo!


So hurry on over and hit that “subscribe” button already. Don’t make me tell you again: I’m already edgy enough with this eclipse going on… so edgy that I’m actually crazy enough to be doing readings at a 30% discount from list prices! Contact me for details!


4 thoughts on “A Lunar Eclipse, Star Wars Astrology, The Astrology Of Stars At War, And More!

    1. Matthew Currie Post author

      Thank you! Make sure you tell all your friends, and let them know they qualify for the “Friends Of AstroHerbalist Lisa” discount on readings! 😉

      That link will sign you up for a Daily Horoscope e-mail from Beliefnet, which should also include a link to my latest blog entry at the bottom. If you just want to subscribe to the blog, there is the “subscribe” thingy along the right hand side, right under the “Free Newsletter Signup” thingy, which will give you a number of options(RSS feed, via e-mail, et cetera.

      And yes:I’m sure there’s a proper term to use instead of “thingy,” but I happen to enjoy using that word. 🙂

      Thanks for reading!


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