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A reading (astrological consultation) can give you direction, clarity, insight… and just maybe, it can change your life! Learn more about yourself and the people around you. I’ve recently repriced my services in order to reach a wider range of people with a wider range of questions and concerns. Have a look —  if you have a lot of questions, or just one — be it about love, money, employment, health, career, family, children, moving, travel, happiness and well-being, life direction, or whatever — there’s something here for you.

(And no, that’s not just a “yes or no” answer… includes background information and timing. Can be done via e-mail or by phone, with free follow-up!)

(Covers all the major transits and astrological events for a monthly period. Again, can be done via e-mail or phone, with free follow-up)

Why are you and so-and-so not getting along lately? Is this the right one for me? Hey, when AM I going to meet someone, anyway? All these and more can be answered with a RELATIONSHIP DIAGNOSTIC reading. Free follow-up too! More on the Relationship Diagnostic HERE.

An hour (or more if needed) covering everything and anything you want to know about, past present or future. By phone, with free follow-up.


The Summer Lovin’ Astrology Special!

Whatever the state of your love life… from happy to non-existent… get not one but TWO readings from me and Aliza from Moonplutoastrology.com! Full details HERE!

Write me and find out more!
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