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3602534236_afb1c00695_oAn old joke:

Every day of his adult life, Fred has prayed to win the lottery. Day and night, on bended knee, he attends churches and temples and mosques and sacred groves and in a hundred different ways he implores the Divine: “Please, oh Lord, oh Maker of All Things, oh Most Holy One… please please please, I only ask one tiny little thing of you: let me win the lottery!”

Finally one day, when Fred is old and tired and has neglected things like getting a job and having relationships and building a life for himself, the clouds part and miraculously The One True God appears to him.

FRED,” the booming voice of The Divine says, “MEET ME HALF WAY. BUY A TICKET!


Using astrology to look at the future can be like that joke. You can see upcoming transits that indicate difficulties and opportunities, but the truth is that too often we get a bit lazy with the potential prizes and worry too much about the rough spots. It’s absolutely true that Bad news gets more headlines than Good news, but that isn’t because there’s more Bad News than Good News… that’s just Human Nature.

Aliza from and I would like to help you turn that around this year.

2014: IT’S YOUR YEAR will feature both individual work just for you PLUS an inside look at how astrologers use transits to predict the future.

What’s coming up in The New Year?

-Three Mercury Retrogrades… each one closely aspects Neptune. How will it affect you, your business, and how you communicate with friends and loved ones? Know what to expect, and when to avoid the worst!

-Eclipses and New Moons… points of drama and chances to regroup.

Mars in Libra for a prolonged transit. How will The God Of War in the Sign Of Relationships affect your human relations?

The Uranus-Pluto square: exact dates and how it will affect you.


-A year’s worth of personalized transit forecasts via Kepler software, and individual chart talk with Matthew and Aliza!


Tarot from Aliza!


-Your 2014 year from the Vedic perspective… what does Karma hold in store for you?

It’s a reading, it’s learning in a friendly Facebook-based environment… it’s a year’s worth of wisdom and guidance. It’s all that and more for one low price!

We’ll custom-tailor your experience to your needs, your level of familiarity with astrology, and what you really want for yourself in 2014!

RESERVE YOUR PLACE TODAY $125.00 gets you everything

Course starts January 14th, but book now and get your Yearly Kepler Forecast in advance!

Write today for details on the course or on my current Special for private readings, or CLICK HERE to book NOW! Openings are limited!


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