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Fun With Aquarius! (Another "Conquer The Universe With Astrology" Original Video)

Aquarius. Who knows with Aquarius? Always getting pegged as “strange” or “a bit odd” or “marching to the beat of their own drummer” and things like that. Even if you’re an Aquarius yourself, you could probably use a little help figuring Aquarius out. And if you want to love/romance/seduce an Aquarius… you could probably use a lot of help getting a handle on The Water Bearer. In either case, here’s a brief video that will help you figure Aquarius out. Well, as much as anything can help with that, anyway…

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Marching Through Aquarius

Jupiter and Neptune are approaching their exact conjunction in the sign of The Water Bearer. Emotionally, this is a difficult time for a lot of people, whether or not this or that in your birth chart is compatible with the Aquarian energy. Heck, even if you’re an Aquarius it can be tricky.
I think this is, in part, because Aquarius is (by definition) not “of the Ego.” That’s the job of the Sun, which rules Leo, the opposite sign from Aquarius. And Aquarius is ruled either by Uranus or Saturn (if you’re of a more traditional frame of mind)… neither of which is terribly “sunny” in their temperament. And Jupiter and Neptune aren’t impersonal or above it all as Aquarius is so often accused of being. They demand immersion in the experience — whatever that experience may be.
We all have an Ego. It’s the part of you that says “It’s me” and “why is this happening to me?” and “you never called me when I wanted you to.” In the Western world, most people get their first exposure to Astrology because of Sun Sign forecasts, which makes sense in a way. After all, it’s my horoscope I want to read.
And when life makes us less of a star than we want to be, it’s the Ego that feels it, informed by the sensitivity of the Moon. So, with all that “not me” going on out there, things that would normally hurt can become real wounds, and real wounds can become debilitating injuries.
So, try this: if you are alone (literally or figuratively) and it seems that the Universe isn’t rewarding you for your continued tenancy there… try forgetting yourself. Open your arms… the arms given to you by the chain of life that extends all the way back to the beginning… and accept what is being sent your way. Don’t embrace it… “embracing” is an action initiated by the Ego. Let it flow through you. Losing yourself can be the path to finding yourself. Besides, it’s hard to be alone when you’re One With Everything.Being a very small being in a very large Universe can be frightening, but it can also be liberating.
And if that fails, remember: one way or another… the Sun always comes back, and it’s always on schedule.



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Book Excerpt: Sun In Aquarius

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The symbol for Aquarius is The Water Bearer, which is confusing because Aquarius isn’t a “water sign,” it’s an “air sign”. And when you combine atmosphere and moisture, you get fog. That pretty much describes what the thought processes of a typical Aquarius looks like to an outside observer. Aquarius is the sign most likely to have learned that “I gotta be me” is not a valid legal defence.

Aquarians have a reputation for being forward-thinking and rebellious. That’s because they’d rather organize a sit-in than follow directions at work. Whereas most people will look at the crack in a dam and fear disaster, a typical Aquarius will simply stick his finger in — although whether they’re doing it to stop the leak or pry it open wider is anyone’s guess. They tend to be comfortable with the scientific, analytical mindset, which tends to make them excellent researchers and awkward first dates: no one wants to be dissected over wine and pasta.

Aquarius people have both a strong independent streak and an appreciation for the thoughts and company of others. This makes them both excellent leaders who understand the strengths of the “herd mentality” but also the one most likely to run off on their own and get themselves eaten by a wolf.

Often, Aquarians have a fondness for fantasy, science fiction, and romantic historical fiction. That’s because “the here and now” is a really awkward place to spend all your time. especially if you’re a chronic misfit like Aquarius. They can be excellent lovers, but you may always have the sneaking suspicion that they have just as much affection for their sex toys as they do for you.

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Some Things To NOT Expect From Jupiter In Aquarius

Sure. We let ’em onto our planet, and the first thing they do is run out and get driver’s licenses.

-The world will NOT suddenly recognize that the business of a government is not “business,” but is in fact caring for the well being of its citizens.
BUT governments around the world are putting aside the laissezfaire philosophy that got us into the current economic mess and are getting back to the notion that money is meant to be spent on people, not on more money.
-Technological advances will NOT suddenly enable you to live an extra 200 years, and The Internet will not suddenly spring to life, Terminator-style,
BUT the US switchover to digital-only TV (originally scheduled for February this year) has been rescheduled for July 1st… during a close Jupiter-Neptune conjunction. Translation: despite plenty of advance notice, the process is likely to be a confused mess, somehow.
-We will NOT be contacted by a benevolent species of extraterrestrial life who will give us the technology and the wisdom to bail our pathetic monkey asses out of the mess we’ve made of ourselves and the planet.
BUT you can expect more signs of life on Mars, like the recently uncovered mystery of the Red Planet’s methane levels, which peak in the summer… like it was being produced by life…
The governments of the world will NOT suddenly stop and realize that, more often than not, killing your enemies doesn’t actually get rid of your enemies.
BUT it appears the Israelis have stopped attacking the Gaza. Mostly.
So: I remain optimistic.
One sign that there will be at least some change because of Jupiter in Aquarius: after two years of blogging, I’m finally using this video. Forgive me.

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This Is Not The Aquarius Guide To Compatibility

Dear Aquarius:

As you may have noticed, I’ve been doing a series on how the signs perform in their relationships with other signs. People seem to like this sort of thing, and admittedly relationship issues are the one thing I come across most often in the course of my profession. I have to admit, though: I was a little stumped as to what kind of approach to take with Aquarius. Frankly, I’m not the only one, as you may have noticed yourself.

An Aquarius is born with the knowledge (on some level) that the individual differences between us are like different songs playing on different radio stations at the same time. Even though you can only listen to one station at a time, you (above all others) realize that the same air is being pierced by hundreds of signals at hundreds of frequencies… each one carrying unique sounds. You are born knowing that, whereas most of the rest of us never even catch on that such a thing is happening all around us, all the time.

You have the same heart and feelings that everyone else does. The problem isn’t you, in a sense: it’s everyone else. Have you ever read what they say about you? That’s you’re so aloof and weird that it’s hard to make a relationship work with you? What a load of crap. The big problem anyone has with a relationship with an Aquarius is that the others aren’t used to listening to all those higher frequencies, literally or figuratively, like you were born to do.

Find a way to explain that to your partner in a language they understand, and all will be well.

Sure, I could give you the quick and dirty lowdown on how this man or that woman works with you. If I did, it would look kind of like this…

Aries: Fun but not always dependable or stable for you.
Taurus: Dependable and stable but sometimes not that much fun for you.
Gemini: Intellectually interesting but emotionally scattered. At least, by your standards.
Cancer: Emotionally interesting but intellectually scattered. At least, by your standards.
Leo: Fun, but wants to fight you for top billing. At least, by your standards.
Virgo: Caring but a little too conventional. At least, by your standards.
Libra: Sweet but unchallenging, or too challenging in their refusal to challenge you. At least, by your standards.
Scorpio: Emotionally intense, but doesn’t know when to detach. At least, by your standards.
Sagittarius: A fun partner, but goes off on different tangents than yours. At least, by your standards.
Capricorn: Has emotional depth, but has a different game plan laid out than you do. At least, by your standards.
Aquarius: Beats the hell outta me! And that’s by anyone’s standards.
Pisces: Pleasantly mushy, yet unpleasantly mushy. At least, by your standards.

…and I could ornament it with some jokes and a funny picture, and we’d all have a good laugh. But none of that would actually address why you’ve come looking for a compatibility guide, would it? I suggest being Aquarian with this, and leap to the conclusion the rest of us would struggle a little longer to make: if you have a problem with X, go read X‘s entry in this series.

So: Let the Cancers and the Virgos and the Aries and such have their compatibility guides. Me? I’d rather give you something new and unique that you could really use.

Would you like a hug?


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