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Improve Your Love Life With Venus Retrograde (Yes, Really!)

broken-heart-8406391One of the questions astrologers end up addressing a lot is the subject of love. How do I get it? How do I keep it? Where did it go? And now, with Venus going retrograde next Saturday… is there any hope for me at all? Like a lot of life’s big questions, astrology can provide important clues and guidance. 

That’s all fine and well if you are an astrologer yourself, but what if you aren’t and just want to understand more about these things? Maybe more to the point: how can I use all this knowledge to maximize my love life?

With Venus about to go retrograde, there are those to tell you that that is a bad time to go looking for love. The truth is: retrogrades re often a better time for reflection and contemplation and strategy rather than direct action.

That’s why during this Venus retrograde I’m going to be teaching a new online course: Use Astrology To Find And Keep Love!

It’s not going to be just any old compatibility course (although of course we will be covering all the basics of what makes a relationship work and what can screw things up). Just as importantly: we are going to look at your personal birth chart and your personal circumstances. I’m going to show you how to find your romantic strengths and pitfalls, how to find those in others,

The course will be taught both through a closed Facebook group and through email, and the course will conclude with a personalized, one on one telephone consultation with me… all for lees than the cost of a regular reading!  It will combine the best parts of general learning and reading specific to your birth chart. If you are already a member of the Learn Astrology group on Facebook, you’ll get a discount. And hey, if you aren’t a member of my Subscription Service yet, why not write me and ask about it?

If you have love in your life, this is how you can learn to keep it and make it better.

If you were looking for love, this will help you maximize your resources.

Write me today or drop by the Oh My Stars group on Facebook for more details.

Don’t just sit back and wait for Venus retrograde to run you over: use it to your advantage!

Write me for details, or to sign up NOW… and send me your date, time and place of birth and I’ll send you a free sample of my SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE too! 

Drop by and have a look at my Beliefnet Blog, where my new stuff is!

Fix Your Love Life With Astrology In Three Easy Steps!

Step One: Join me and author of “Cosmic Karma: Understanding Your Contract with the Universe” Marguerite Manning ( on her show for our conversation: “The 7th House: Who’s The Matter With Me?” Wednesday at 7 PM Eastern, 4 PM Pacific!

Step Two: Grab your birth chart! What, you say you don’t have your birth chart? You don’t know much about astrology? I’ve got a chart for you for free… just go to and sign up (for free!) and you’ll get your chart and Personality Profile. It’s a good one, and well worth having.

Step Three: Join me on my show Thrusday, when we’ll put it all together into a sure-fire solution for all your Love Life Woes!*

And as always… send me an e-mail with your questions, or just to score your freebie e-book!

*(Your mileage may vary)

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Is Compatibility Always A Good Thing?

Imagine for a moment you’re an astrologer seated in front of your new clients… a couple who have just recently gotten together, and are still starry-eyed for each other. They want to know if their birth charts have what it takes to make the relationship work. Their names are Paul (08/27/1964, 8:31 AM, Toronto, Canada) and Karla (05/04/1970, Port Credit, Canada).

He looks at you with the clear-eyed gaze you’d expect from his Virgo Rising, yet with a certain friendly charm coming from his Jupiter-Ascendant trine. She seems sweet and affectionate… a classic Taurus woman, with the gorgeous cheekbones provided by her Capricorn Rising.

You note that she’s a Taurus and he’s a Virgo… we’re off to a good start. Their moons are conjunct too… and thus your enthusiasm for the compatibility of these two people is starting to increase. You note that her Venus and Mars are in Gemini, whose ruler is in Taurus. His Venus and Mars are conjunct in Cancer… even though there no aspect between his and her conjunctions, this is still good news: they both have high sex drives, and the rulers are well placed.

The more you look at the two charts, the more you notice their synastry has a lot of happy looking trines, and the squares are easily missed in the rush of Young Love sitting before you. Everybody loves that sort of thing. Good looking people, made better looking by the flush of Love. So, perhaps having been made a little cynical about “perfect couples” over the years of your practice, you pull out the composite chart. And you gasp in surprise. What looked good in the synastry looks even better in the composite chart.

“Wow!” you exclaim, “What a composite chart! There’s just so much positive here… where do I start?” More often than not, being an astrologer means delivering tough news to your clients. This reading, however, looks to be one of those cases where the news is overwhelmingly positive. Enthusiastically, you plunge in.

“Well, let’s see… the ruler of your Fourth House is conjunct Pluto, and it’s in the Tenth… you too are going to have a really unusual but fierce sense of family.”

(Paul Bernardo always had a thing for Karla Homolka’s little sister Tammy. Karla didn’t like that, but she loved Paul, so she decided to give Tammy to him as a Christmas present. On December 23, 1990, Karla spiked Tammy’s drink with crushed Valium, and once Tammy went to bed, she helped a little more, pressing a cloth soaked with Halothane to her little sister’s face. They both raped Tammy in the basement, and filmed it. Tammy began vomiting and choked to death on it without regaining consciousness.)

“All those planets in the Eighth House ought to make for an excellent sex life. And the ruler of your Twelfth House is in the Eighth… you two should have a great fondness for “sneaking around’ for secret little rendezvouses …”

(Paul and Karla dressed Tammy’s corpse and put it back to bed, and stayed up vacuuming and doing laundry half the night while Tammy was pronounced dead at the hospital.)

“The Eleventh House ruler is Mercury, which is in turn ruled by the composite Moon in the Eighth House. You two will probably have a lot of fun planning little get-togethers with friends and co-workers.”

(On June 7th, 1991, Karla invited a fifteen year old former co-worker over for a couple of drinks mixed with Halcion. Once the girl had lost consciousness, Karla called Paul to let her know she had a surprise engagement present for him. They both sexually assaulted the unconscious girl, and again videotaped it.)

“Moon in the composite Sixth House means you two should have excellent work habits and ability to plan out and execute projects together.”

(June 15th, 1991: eleven days after her fifteenth birthday, Paul picked up Leslie Mahaffy and drove her back to his house. Karla joined in, and they did the same things — this time holding the girl for about 24 hours before murdering her. The cement block they put her dismembered body into washed up on the shore on June 29th, 1991 — at about the same time Paul and Karla were riding in a horse-drawn carriage at their storybook wedding.)

With Scorpio Rising, and Neptune in the composite First House, you two will have a really “dreamy” effect on people when you show up together. You might be good at a joint sales project, or… with Mercury trining that Neptune… working together to persuade others.”

(April 16, 1991: Paul and Karla abduct Kristen French at knife-point. Same story as before, except this time the rape and torture lasted for three days before Kristen’s murder. Paul and Karla were careful to make sure Kristen was dead in time for them to attend Easter Dinner with their parents.)

The happy couple takes this all in, smiling and nodding. They leave hand in hand, and you smile, pleased that your work is done and you’ve made nice people happy about their lives.

That, and it’s nice to have a break from bad relationships for once.

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Aries Woman Lays The Smackdown On Gemini Man

Today’s choice reruns:

Continuing the Compatibility series, here’s They’re Off And Running! The Sagittarius Guide To Compatibility.

Second: if you are an Aries woman, you’ve undoubtedly read all about how you and Gemini are compatible. Here, courtesy of the BBC miniseries “Jekyll,” is a practical guide to how the typical Aries woman can keep a Gemini man focused and attentive.

A warning: as with all such relationships in real life… there’s plenty of swearing.



Astrology For Life On Earth

Classic MTA – The Virgo Guide To Compatibility, Within A Tolerance Of ±0.2 Millimeters


Humans are driven by biosocial factors to pair-bonding. Further, the efficiency of each bond (“compatibility”) is variable with each individual involved, in part due to personality-based initial conditions (“Sun Sign”). Virgo attempts to place this within a rational context and draw accurate conclusions.


Virgo can find true love within the confines of an imperfect world. Based on broad personality data gathered by Sun Sign. it is projected that the relative probability of success in a pair-bond can thus be projected on an a priori basis. Each potential partner is evaluated on a scale of 0 to 1 as a function of probable incidence of harmony (on a per incidence basis).


Taurus and Capricorn (0.8/1): Perform well under stress; high tensile shear resistance. Partner malleability is occasionally impaired when reconfiguration is required. Reconfiguration will likely be proposed based on their data set, not yours. With practice, excellent subject conformity to relationship guidelines.

Cancer and Scorpio (0.75/1): Both require some cleaning. Generally sound emotional depth, but both filter their data via emotional factors more than Virgo, and can be resistant to probing. Hardened shells may be difficult to open, but can reward the effort. Emotional slipperiness can occur. Wear rubber gloves.

Pisces (0.7): Highly sensitive to contamination, like yourself. Highly suggestible, unlike yourself. A lack of detail and definition can be frustrating to the researcher; however, emotional appeal can be highly catalytic. A great deal of net-casting is often needed to collect accurate emotional data.

Sagittarius and Virgo (0.65/1): Both signs demonstrate a sympathetic knowledge for further life data, but are likely to use entirely different experimental models than the researcher, making for potential translation problems. Theoretically shouldn’t work, but often does anyway. This requires further research.

Aries and Aquarius (0.6/1): Difficult, volatile substances which come with certain containment hazards. One is highly explosive, the other is often too neutral to form a reaction. However, once proper procedures are in place, this can (paradoxically) make long term bonding possible. Not what you expected… but possible.

Leo and Libra (0.5/1): Constantly changing emotional states lead to initial exhilaration, often followed by exhaustion on the researcher’s part. Lack of stability is made up for by shininess and willingness. Outcome of experiment difficult to predict, therefore the researcher may wish for more stable materials to work with.

Gemini (0.4/1): Comparable to positronium, an exotic matter-antimatter combination. Appealing as a potential source of tremendous energy, but likely to become explosively unstable under extensive probing. Wear safety goggles.


Nothing in life is perfect, not even Love. Nonetheless, this knowledge does not make the issue go away. It is recommended that Virgos collect further data and reach their own conclusions in this regard.



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Classic MTA – Overture, Curtain Lights: The Leo Guide To Romantic Compatibility

Welcome to the twelve-screen multiplex of Love. Today we’re going to see if we can successfully hook our friend Leo up with the man/woman/movie of his/her/its dreams. And if you’re a true movie fan, you know that the right review from the right critic can improve your chance of being really entertained… despite the sticky floor and overpriced popcorn. Of course, even your favorite film critic can get it wrong once in a while… and what’s more fun than uncovering an under appreciated cinematic gem?

Tickets, please…


Blaze Of Love (Aries and Sagittarius): Action! Suspense! Romance! This one has it all. Aries can’t help but overact a little, and Sagittarius is all exhuberance and no technique, but with a little editing this one could have been perfect. Big thumbs up! FIVE STARS.

C’est Moi, Mon Amour (Leo): An intense and compelling tale with few flaws. The main flaw here is that the romantic leads keep acting like it’s just their movie. A bit sappy for some people’s tastes. FOUR STARS.

The Mirror Has Two Faces (Gemini and Libra): Playful and romantic. The fast-paced but occasionally erratic screenplay keeps things moving at a furious clip. The perfect way to while away an evening. Occasionally thin characterization leaves some doubt as to whether or not the energy can be maintained for the planned sequels. THREE AND A HALF STARS.

I Married A Martian (Aquarius): An obscure yet compelling opening leads the audience into a wonderland of surprises, romance, and culture clashes. The director’s detached approach can be frustrating for the summer-romance-movie crowd. The special effects are amazing, but at times you’ll crave the human element more. THREE AND A HALF STARS.

Pinchy And The Drain (Cancer): This fish-out-of-water comedy/romance/buddy movie works better than you might expect. The film bogs down at about the two-thirds point in maudlin sentimentality. Affectionate, wants to reach out to the audience, but at times you’ll wonder about character motivation, and not necessarily in a good way. THREE STARS.

The Sting III – Ouch! (Scorpio):A confused tale of a carefree organ-grinder’s monkey and the researcher who loves it, yet wants to dissect it. The two are strangely compelled to each other, and it all plays out in a painfully predictable ending. PETA protested on opening night, and you may too before it’s over. Warning: extreme gore. TWO AND A HALF STARS.

Warm Heart, Clean Fish (Virgo And Pisces): This tale of an obsessive-compulsive fishmonger and an alcoholic marine biologist starts out promising. Sometimes when a director juxtaposes two incompatible characters it’s a classic buddy movie; this one’s just all wet. Sweet, but never seems to really gel into a coherent storyline. TWO AND A HALF STARS.

Pamplona Or Bust (Taurus): Slow-paced and frustrating, yet packed with explosions and car chases. This film knows what it wants right from the opening credits and won’t let go, which is not necessarily a good thing. You’ll wonder what karma made you pick this instead of one of the comedies. A tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury; signifying nothing. TWO STARS.

Death On A Glacier (Capricorn): Challenging and surprisingly complex. Not for the faint of heart. This one is a tough climb right from the start. The director seems unsympathetic to his characters, yet there is a point to it all. You just may have a hard time sitting through 90 minutes of frozen wasteland and flat dialogue to get to it. ONE STAR.

Of course, all decent movies have a character overcoming some challenge or another. And this cineplex offers twelve screens full of challenges, each different. Besides, you love movies. Even the bad ones, sometimes…



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Astrological Snapshots: True Tales Of Anonymous Old Loves

I’ve wanted to write more about compatibility here, but I haven’t given in to the temptation to talk about my own experiences. That didn’t seem right somehow, given that talking about old relationships naturally means talking about the other person… and this isn’t one of those blogs where I’m going to go on about specifics, like how Heppa The Icelandic Stripper promised me the world and then broke my heart. It’s not my style to wave other people’s dirty laundry around in public.

I’ve found a solution. Below you will find snapshots presented in random order — brief extracts from the birth charts of some Significant Others — and how that part of them interacted with me both astrologically and observably.

Should any of the exes mentioned here come across this blog, they’ll probably recognize themselves. So, for you: you’ve been immortalized, in public, yet anonymously.

Isn’t that cunning of me? You always loved my brainpower…


Her Moon/Ascendant trines my Sun

Her Venus sextiles my Venus

Her Mars squares my Saturn

What fantastic buddies! What jolly partners in crime! Everything was great… but we fought. Neither of us wanted it, but the amazing energies released by Mars and Saturn always ended up coming out as anger and hostility in the end. We were like a nature film of two ants fighting, where one ant gets his head ripped off… but he keeps fighting anyway. Over and over and over…

Other than the frequent decapitations, it was great.


Her North Node conjuncts my Sun

Her Venus squares my Venus

Her Moon/Uranus conjunction squares my Moon/Mars opposition

I think you saw in me everything that you ultimately wanted in a man. What I don’t think you saw… and what I didn’t want to admit I saw… is that we started off in different directions and never really grew together. Which is a shame, because in a world full of crazy people, your craziness was kind and decent. May your Soul Mate Quest end as magically as you deserve.


Her Moon conjuncts my Moon (in Cancer)

Her Jupiter squares my Venus

Her Sun conjuncts my Uranus/Pluto conjunction

You’re so sweet and so caring, and you love cookies as much as I do. And you are beautiful: beautiful enough to make a living from it, but too modest and shy to make a real go of it. Which is a shame, because that quality only makes you more beautiful. You wear it well, and it reflects what’s inside you.

Too bad you thought I was completely nuts and unstable and I was completely NOT what your family wanted for you.


Her Mercury/Mars/Jupiter conjunction sextiles my Moon/trines my Mars

Her Pluto EXACTLY opposes my Saturn

Oh God! Everything about us was fantastic, from the bedroom where it started into the wild strange world we discovered together. But we were doomed and unstable together… as doomed and unstable as we were as individuals at that time. But, out of everyone listed here… I still empathize with you most of all. Shine on, you crazy diamond.


Her Sun squares my Moon and Mars

Her Neptune conjuncts my Sun

Her Saturn/South Node forms no aspects to anything in my chart

We certainly got each other’s attention, and in many ways seemed to be the answer to each other’s prayers. We were everything the other was looking for. And yet it had all the staying power of a house of cards in a hurricane, and the practical obstacles that could have been overcome looked like mountains, from my angle.

So I choked.


Her Ascendant conjuncts my Sun

Her Mercury opposes my Saturn

Her Sun squares my Mercury/Nodes

Everything about us had a feeling of Destiny. When we first met, casual though it was, time stopped, like a flashback scene from Highlander. We had known each other before, and would know each other again. And on top of that, we both seemed to be exactly what the other needed, even if we could never really define it. But when you told me you loved me… it felt forced. And I needed that from you, more than anything. More than with anyone else.

Of course, what I really needed was a mother, and what you really needed was a husband.

Too bad for both of us we already had those.



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The Bull By The Balls: A Taurus And Scorpio Love Story For Everyone

Above is a detail from a sculpture at the British Museum, depicting the legend of Mithras, who was the object of a Mystery Religion found throughout the ancient Roman world. In this legend, Mithras is frequently depicted killing a bull, and (in most cases)a scorpion is attacking the bull’s cojones.

There are lots of places you can read up on the astronomical/seasonal significance of this central image of Mithraism. As an astrologer though, I have my own observations:

-It has been my experience that the upside of the legendary Taurus stubbornness is, literally, a refusal to die easily.

-Taurus and Scorpio are naturally drawn to each other, maybe more than most oppositions. Although one could make a case for that being because the signs are ruled by Venus and Mars, personally I think it’s because both signs secretly love a challenge… frequently while they’re complaining about how much they hate the challenge.

-Scorpios aren’t afraid to go for the groin shot when it’s going to score points.

Finally, and most importantly: those who seek True Love (or those who have It find Them) had better leave all their preconceptions at the door. You have some preconceptions about what sign he/she is, or his/her Moon sign, appearance, location, ethnicity, marital status, age, shoe size? Best give all those notions up now. When it hits, it hits.

And sometimes, if we focus on our preconceptions instead of what is True, it can be a huge pain in the balls. But it’s always worth it.


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