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What Can An Astrologer Do For You?

More people would take advantage of the services of a professional Astrologer if they knew what an astrologer can actually DO for them. Here’s a brief introductory video… with lots and lots of scary warnings about side effects.

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Conquer The Universe With Astrology: Medical Astrology With Eileen Nauman, And Awesomeness With Steven Forrest!

The Universe shouldn’t be something that “just happened to you.” Conquer it with Astrology! Fun, advice, and an entire Universe in just one show!

HOUR ONE: Medical Astrologer Eileen Nauman discusses weight loss and health from the perspective of your birth chart!

HOUR TWO: Legendary author and astrologer Steven Forrest!

10 PM Atlantic, 7 PM Pacific
Check out my show! If you like what you hear… there’s more to come in the future! Please feel free to drop by and visit my Donations Page. It’s what keeps me going and, and you might just get a surprise…
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Practical Help For Depression, From Astrology

Astrology can provide a lot of practical help with life… you probably already know about compatibility and predictive astrology. But of course, the observable events of your life are only half the story: your inner life colors and directs everything around it. And when that Inner Life paints everything in shades of blue, it doesn’t matter how well or how badly life is really running… it’s just all blue.

What can astrology do to help?

Check out my show! If you like what you hear… there’s more to come in the future! Please feel free to drop by and visit my Donations Page. It’s what keeps me going and, and you might just get a surprise…
And yes, I still send free stuff to everyone who writes me!
If you’re new to this blog, here’s a sample of my previous shows and blog entries. Enjoy!
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Astrology And Depression: There Is Hope (Rescheduled)

The old grey donkey Eeyore stood by himself in a thistly corner of the Forest, his front feet well apart, his head on one side, and thought about things. Sometimes he thought sadly to himself, “Why?” and sometimes he thought, “Wherefore?” and sometimes he thought, “Inasmuch as which?” and sometimes he didn’t quite know what he was thinking about.
-A. A. Milne

Depression is probably the most widespread mental health issue people face. Billions of dollars in research, and billions of dollars spent on prescriptions (and prescriptions to boost your prescriptions), books, and more forms of therapy than you can shake a stick at… and are we really any closer to a “cure”? And can astrology really provide help?

Yes it can. Tomorrow, May 10th at 2 PM Eastern (11 AM Pacific) listen in to find out how.

Check out my show! If you like what you hear… there’s more to come in the future! Please feel free to drop by and visit my Donations Page. It’s what keeps me going and, and you might just get a surprise…
And yes, I still send free stuff to everyone who writes me!
If you’re new to this blog, here’s a sample of my previous shows and blog entries. Enjoy!
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Lose Weight With Astrology? Yes, Really.

Tonight on “Conquer The Universe With Astrology”: my guest will be medical astrologer Eileen Nauman, and we’ll be dedicating the entire show to one single subject: weight loss. I have some distinct feelings on the subject (and some personal experience), and one of the most popular articles I ever wrote was on that subject.
If you’ve ever struggled with this subject, you know it’s a complex one. And astrologically, it’s complex too. Some samples from Eileen’s work on the subject cover the roles of Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, and cortisol (not a planet!) play with your weight… but we’re going to help you make sense of it all, tonight at 10 PM Eastern, 7 PM Pacific.

And if that’s a little too, um, heavy for you… try this:

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Get What You Want, And Get It Tonight, With Astrology!

Tonight on a special Tuesday edition of “Conquer The Universe With Astrology”: it’s “The Resolution Repair Kit”! Want to get a handle on your budget? Want to get a better job? Want to be more fulfilled? Want to find your soul mate, or make things with your current mate run more smoothly? These are all common subjects for “New Year’s Resolutions,” and if you’re like most people… yours have already fallen by the wayside. That’s probably because there’s likely nothing all that special about January 1st for you personally, on an astrological level.
Timing is everything, and Astrology is the science of timing. So, write up your wish list and listen in tonight at 9 PM Eastern (6 PM Pacific) and I’ll help you pick out when to get started on building your dreams, and give you advice on how to get there! I’d also love to answer your questions LIVE… the call-in number is (323) 443-7252. Hope to see you all there!

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Glorious Romantic Victory With Astrology TONIGHT!

Looking for True Love? Glorious Romantic Victory is at hand, Comrades!

“Hey, Comrade! The path To Glorious Romantic Victory doesn’t involve drunk dialing your ex! You should use Venus Retrograde to review the past and learn from it… not to use the past as an escape! You’d better listen to ‘Conquer The Universe With Astrology’ TONIGHT for a little re-training!”
(Then, a few days later…)
“Thanks for the love life advice, Comrade Astrologer, and for the free e-books!

NEXT WEEK: The Triumphant Return of Christopher Witecki of! Click and set that reminder!
NOVEMBER 18TH: Haven’t found The One just yet? Jessica Shepherd, astrologer and author of “A Love Alchemist’s Notebook” is going to be here to help you fix that! Don’t miss it!
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Marching Through Aquarius

Jupiter and Neptune are approaching their exact conjunction in the sign of The Water Bearer. Emotionally, this is a difficult time for a lot of people, whether or not this or that in your birth chart is compatible with the Aquarian energy. Heck, even if you’re an Aquarius it can be tricky.
I think this is, in part, because Aquarius is (by definition) not “of the Ego.” That’s the job of the Sun, which rules Leo, the opposite sign from Aquarius. And Aquarius is ruled either by Uranus or Saturn (if you’re of a more traditional frame of mind)… neither of which is terribly “sunny” in their temperament. And Jupiter and Neptune aren’t impersonal or above it all as Aquarius is so often accused of being. They demand immersion in the experience — whatever that experience may be.
We all have an Ego. It’s the part of you that says “It’s me” and “why is this happening to me?” and “you never called me when I wanted you to.” In the Western world, most people get their first exposure to Astrology because of Sun Sign forecasts, which makes sense in a way. After all, it’s my horoscope I want to read.
And when life makes us less of a star than we want to be, it’s the Ego that feels it, informed by the sensitivity of the Moon. So, with all that “not me” going on out there, things that would normally hurt can become real wounds, and real wounds can become debilitating injuries.
So, try this: if you are alone (literally or figuratively) and it seems that the Universe isn’t rewarding you for your continued tenancy there… try forgetting yourself. Open your arms… the arms given to you by the chain of life that extends all the way back to the beginning… and accept what is being sent your way. Don’t embrace it… “embracing” is an action initiated by the Ego. Let it flow through you. Losing yourself can be the path to finding yourself. Besides, it’s hard to be alone when you’re One With Everything.Being a very small being in a very large Universe can be frightening, but it can also be liberating.
And if that fails, remember: one way or another… the Sun always comes back, and it’s always on schedule.



Discounts on consultations? Freebie? Yes, really!

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What I Do… And What I Don’t Do

When I say I’m an astrologer, most people don’t really know what the job entails, and that job varies from practitioner to practitioner. Let me tell you what I do.

I am a counselor, much like a regular counselor you’d see if there was a problem with your love life or your finances or your health or family. In many ways, it’s exactly that straightforward. Unlike most standard counselors, I don’t have to spend weeks or months fishing around for the finer details of your existence. I certainly don’t know EVERYTHING from looking at a birth chart, but it saves a tremendous amount of time that way.

With a birth chart in place, we can figure out fairly quickly, and in detail, exactly who you are, where you’re at, and where you’re headed.

Here is what I DON’T do:

I don’t tell you what (if anything) God, the Universe, Karma, or whatever really wants from you, or why. I don’t feel it’s my place to expound on these things. A doctor can tell you to change your diet or exercise more or whatever… but your doctor certainly shouldn’t pass himself off as a divine, all-knowing sage. There are a lot of people in my line of work who come across this way. I’m not comfortable with that. If I was, I’d be a priest or a rabbi or something.

If your sink is clogged, your plumber may advise you to stop pouring bacon fat down the drain. If he spends 45 minutes first telling you about the bad karma you generated during a past life as a pig farmer in Atlantis, does that get the water flowing any faster?

I provide guidance and clarity and a context for life, plus an assessment of where things are going to go… both for yourself and for the others in your life.

Welcome aboard. I hope to see you come back soon. Heck, I might even make it worth your while.

And one more thing: yes, I can see your future too…

Astrology For Life On Earth

THIS JUST IN: A Male Astrologer Finds Jessica Simpson Attractive (Also: Weight-Loss Tips)

I was in the middle of my usual exercise routine (which consists of surfing the Net while lifting a slice of pizza) when I came upon this article about how the “fashionistas” are picking on Jessica Simpson because of her recent weight gain.

(Fashionistas, for the record, are apparently citizens of the country of Fashionistan, where no one is allowed to look at real women, ever.)

Jessica has apparently “ballooned” all the way up to a size twelve, from her size one a few years ago. For those of you unfamiliar with how American dress sizes work, it’s like this: an average healthy adult woman is usually anywhere from a size five to a size sixteen. By way of comparison, if you visit your nearest Chinatown, you’ll probably find a shop where the ducks have been hanging in the window too long, until they’ve become an orange jerky-like substance. Those ducks are a size one.

Just as astrology can be applied to almost everything in life, it can be of tremendous use when trying to lose weight. I’ve never had a client come to me exclusively for help with this, but the matter comes up surprisingly often in consultations. Although the details will be individual to every person, there are a number of astrological guidelines that generally apply.

First of all, forget about your Sun Sign. Although it can be an influence, I’ve seen too many chubby Aries and slim Tauruses and such to know that the Sun Sign should be, if not the last place to look, then low on the list. Unless, of course, you have Leo Rising or Leo on the sixth house cusp, which your Sun would rule.

Your Moon is a much more reliable indicator as to body weight. Even so, one should be cautious of too many generalizations. In other words, if you have Moon in Pisces (for example) you aren’t automatically prone to emotional overeating. Depending on the aspects to your moon, that placement could just as easily lead to emotional under-eating.

A more reliable indicator of weight is the Ascendant: its sign placement, planets aspecting it, and the condition and placement of the planet ruling it. The Ascendant also rules your general appearance, posture, coloring, and a lot of other things people don’t like about themselves that they can’t change.

The most important thing to keep in mind when trying to lose weight with astrology is not so much the birth chart, as the planetary transits happening to it at any given time. Even a perfect diet and exercise routine (if there were such things) could go wrong if you started them at the wrong time.

The best time to start a weight loss routine is when Mars is transiting either the First or Sixth House of your birth chart. The First House starts at your Ascendant, and the Sixth House (which rules diet, health, and routines) is almost on the opposite side of your chart from the First House. Since Mars makes it around the Zodiac in about 18 months, this means that, most of the time, your “diet transits” can last for at least a month and a half. For most people’s purposes, that’s more than enough time to get a new habit ingrained.

Weight loss is also often the surprisingly good side of a Saturn transit. A supportive aspect to the Ascendant and/or Sixth House ruler can be of tremendous help when it comes to applying self discipline, and an aspect to your natal Venus or Jupiter can curb impulsive eating, overeating, or your fondness for snacks.

An astrologer who knows what they’re doing can help you time when to commence a new diet and/or exercise regimen, and can help you understand what factors in your birth chart are helping or hurting the situation.

Perhaps the single most important thing to keep in mind is this: On the one hand, the fashion industry has dictated for about the last fifty years or so that “underfed” is a good look. On the other hand, biology has dictated for about the last million years that having a little “excess” weight is an attractive thing. It indicates good health, a plentiful supply of resources, and the means to bear and raise children (in the area of extra boob and bum matter).

And besides, if most straight males are honest with you about it, they’d prefer a woman with a little excess weight over one who’s underweight. Unless of course you’re trying to catch a man who takes all his advice from fashion magazines… in which case, your relationship may have much larger problems than just your dress size…



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