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Follow Friday: The Pop Culture Institute

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For today’s Follow Friday: a blog that’s so well written that I have to recommend it to you, even if it means cheating a little on the astrology angle. But just a little.

I invite you all to enjoy the fine words and informative fun of Pop Culture Institute, hand-crafted in the dimly-lit elven workshop of Mr. Michael Sean Morris. You’ve probably heard this sort of thing on the radio or TV at some point in your life… “on this day in 1897 Elvis Brubaker invented the flexible toilet brush” or whatever. Pop Culture Institute is, on the face of it, a collection of such trivia data points.

Of course, any old boring database could provide just that. Pop Culture Institute, on the other hand, is a really well-written and engaging blog. Michael actually knows what’s interesting and what isn’t, and conveys it in a style that draws you in. It’s a little like sitting down over drinks with someone who knows more about these things than you do, but is charming and gracious about it. And, if you’ve ever spent time drinking with someone who knows more than you do about things, you know just how entertaining that can be.

Now, for the astrology: I’ve always found it useful and interesting to find out what happened on a given day in the year relative to a birth chart. If you’ve done much astrological research I particularly recommend typing in your birthday under “Search” and seeing what comes up. For example: I already knew I was born on the anniversary of Human Rights Day… it was also the anniversary of the executions of Thomas Culpeper and Francis Dereham, charged with committing adultery with Henry VIII’s fifth wife.

And on (I swear) a completely unrelated note… my ex-wife was born on the anniversary of the day Lizzie Borden was acquitted of the axe murder of her Dad and stepmother!

Go on, head over to Pop Culture Institute. I think you’ll have a good time.

And I swear, I’m not just saying that because Michael and I are almost kinda related.

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Follow Friday: Amy Herring’s

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For today’s Follow Friday, I’ve decided to direct you all to a site based solely on its looks.

Please visit astrologer and author Amy Herring at her site,

Really, that’s it. It’s got a nice motif and there’s a video in the corner. Also, if you watch the video on the home page, she does a really good, concise job of explaining what a reading actually is and what it can do for you. Also, I know from personal experience that she knows her astrology, and is really genuinely helpful and insightful. Also, she writes a really solid and useful Monthly Forecast, which you can sign up for there. Oh, and she teaches.

But really: mostly, it’s just that her site looks that good, and I’m kind of envious.


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Follow Friday: Astrology Expressed

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You never know what kind of weirdness you’ll find lurking on the Internet. Case in point: Astrology Expressed, written by my cyber-friend Neeti Ray.

Now when you’re looking at it, it may not necessarily look weird at all. In fact, if you spend some time with it, you’ll find that she has an unusually good grasp of how astrology really works. Certainly she seems to “get it” with things like Saturn, love, and the truly important things in life.

She’s also got an unusual talent for describing the feel of astrological concepts in poetic form, which is a gift I personally wish I had. Also, she’s actually a good poet, which is a surprise. Most astrological poetry out there is of the Emo Girl “My boyfriend is an Aquarius/My Dad is an Aquarius/Aquarius sucks/I want to die” variety. Neeti’s is actually good. And insightful.

So what’s the weird thing about Neeti’s blog? She tries to claim she isn’t actaully an astrologer. If that’s the case… why do you so consistenly get it, when so many other “actual astrologers” don’t seem to?

Like I said…. weird.

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