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The Daily Sky: Jupiter Turns Retrograde

...and then Bonky realized that no matter how many balloon animals he made, kids were still terrified of him...

…then Bonky realized that no matter how many balloon animals he made, kids were still terrified of him…

Today, Jupiter comes to a slow grinding halt and begins to turn backwards at 21 degrees Cancer. Just because the planet of good luck and good times has gone retrograde doesn’t mean that things will be a non-stop bummer until next Spring when it goes forward again. In fact, for much of that time Jupiter will be trine Saturn, and for many of us making the changes we want in our lives to make them happier, more prosperous places will be easier than ever! It’ll be productive! Yayyy!

Oh boy… work! Sounds like fun!


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Get More Bounce With Jupiter!


Sometimes, the Universe offers us an opportunity to “get ahead of the ball” — to see ahead to plan better things for ourselves and our loved ones, and to foresee how painful and difficult situations can be repaired or set aside.

In the next ten months, you’re getting an opportunity like that.


In Astrology, Jupiter is the generous giant that brings good times and a sense that The Universe is on your side. Of course, like anything else in life, it’s not always that simple.
Jupiter gives us the sense our worlds are operating within a certain philosophical framework — it’s the rulebook that keeps everything running in an orderly manner. It’s the referee who (more often than not) makes the call in our favor.


Saturn has an unfortunate reputation for being the planet that brings pain and frustration… and I admit, sometimes that reputation is justified. It’s all fine and well to talk about “growth experiences” and “life lessons,” but those things aren’t always very happy or comfortable while they are actually happening.

The two biggest planets in our Solar System have two very different effects on our lives. But what if those two planets actually joined forces and worked together for a common cause? Imagine the changes that could happen in your life!

That’s what’s happening over the next ten months, as Jupiter rolls through Cancer (the Sign of its “exaltation” — where it is strongest) and Saturn moves through Scorpio. In early November, Jupiter performs a “station”… when from our perspective on Earth, it grinds to a halt and becomes more powerful, then rolls backwards until March 2014, then moves forward again to reach the point where it stopped and turned by June. During that entire time, it will be aspected by Saturn in a trine — arguably the most agreeable, useful, and smoothly functioning of the aspects.

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Conquer Your Week With Astrology – June 20-25, 2011

Give me five minutes, I’ll give you the week ahead! This week: getting the most out of the Jupiter-Pluto trine.

Please excuse the heavy construction noises…

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Jupiter In Taurus And A Solar Eclipse!

Today on a special Wednesday edition of “Conquer The Universe With Astrology”: Jupiter enters Taurus. How will affect you in the coming year? PLUS: It’s Solar Eclipse Day! How will this affect you personally?

Check out my show! If you like what you hear… there’s more to come in the future! Please feel free to drop by and visit my Donations Page. It’s what keeps me going and, and you might just get a surprise…
And yes, I still send free stuff to everyone who writes me!
If you’re new to this blog, here’s a sample of my previous shows and blog entries. Enjoy!
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Free Curse Removal! The Jupiter-Saturn Opposition

You know those scams where some fake psychic claims you have a curse, and for X number of dollars he/she will “remove” it? Well, that’s a great way to make a lot of money for little work, but that isn’t my style. Tonight on “Conquer The Universe With Astrology” I’ll be discussing the current Jupiter-Saturn opposition and its effects on you. Plus, give me a call at (323) 443-7252 and I’ll answer your questions!

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10 PM Eastern, 7 PM Pacific

Check out my show! If you like what you hear… there’s more to come in the future! Please feel free to drop by and visit my Donations Page. It’s what keeps me going and, and you might just get a surprise…

And yes, I still send free stuff to everyone who writes me!

If you’re new to this blog, here’s a sample of my previous shows and blog entries. Enjoy!
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Brunch With Jupiter In Aries

Today at a special time…1 PM Eastern (10 AM Pacific), on a special edition of “Conquer The Universe With Astrology,” my guest will be astrologer Maria DeSimone of Insightful Astrology! Here’s a sample of some of her intriguing take on astrology (hold the Ophiuchus):

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Jupiter Retrograde: Santa Claus Vs. The Martians

It seems to me that one of astrology’s ironies is that the largest planet in our solar system often seems to get ignored… at least, relative to its size. If you read up on what Jupiter rules and how it behaves in a birth chart, you’d think it would be overwhelmingly popular: it rules happiness, good times, good fortune, spiritual activities, committed relationships… all things that even people who aren’t on an astrology dating site are looking for. It might be an over-simplification to call Jupiter a “cosmic Santa Claus,” but that captures some of the planet’s feel. Well, at least… it’s a lot more “Santa” than Saturn or Pluto are ever likely to be…

Astrology For Life On Earth

Can Sarah Palin See Neptune From Her House?

Forgive me for a moment if this entry veers too far into political territory for your tastes (or the wrong political territory) — but Sarah Palin is once more providing an excellent example of how astrological transits (specifically, the ongoing presence of Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius) can really mess with a person’s judgement.
Although we don’t know what time Ms. Palin was born at (February 11, 1964, Sandpoint Idaho), it’s immediately obvious that what’s driving her birth chart is her Sun-Mars-Saturn stellium in Aquarius, clustered between 22 and 25 degrees of that sign. That’s where Jupiter has been between April and August 2009, and is within range of there again now.
Jupiter brings a lot of bounce and enthusiasm to whatever part of your birth chart it contacts. In Ms. Palin’s case, this applies to her Ego (the Sun), her Drives (Mars), and her sense of Order (Saturn). And certainly, it’s been a busy, bouncy, enthusiastic time for her. In May, she signed a book deal for a major advance. Then in June she decided to quit her job as Governor of Alaska with a year and a half to go on the job… which is pretty optimistic of her (optimism is a Jupiter thing too). And overall, she’s managed to stay in the national spotlight and stay well-loved by her fan base, despite political defeat.
Neptune has also been hovering in that sector of the sky, as it has since December 2007. Neptune has an interesting effect on the birth chart. It rules things like spirituality and higher consciousness. But no planet is an entirely positive thing: Neptune also rules delusion and self-deception. One way or another, Neptune tends to cloud the judgement.
During this same period of time, Sarah Palin has endorsed a virtually-unknown third party candidate “who can’t answer some basic questions” about his local politics, thus splitting the right-wing vote and costing Sarah’s party a seat in Congress they have held since “jail” was spelled “gaol.”
She also continues to publicly rumble with 19-year-old hockey player Levi Johnston, despite his ongoing claims to know some as-yet-unrevealed Palin family secrets that might “get her in trouble and could hurt her.” The standard way to handle this sort of thing in politics would be to dismiss the whole matter as the ramblings of a 19-year-old hockey player who is only seeking attention (watch for his upcoming appearance in Playgirl).
But perhaps the most telling sign that Neptune is messing with Ms. Palin’s functions? The Death Panel business.
America is currently struggling with the rightness of legislation that would give it public health care, which most of the civilized world already has. For various reasons, most right-wing politicians (who will be the first to declare that America is The Greatest Country On Earth) are of the opinion that Americans having anything better than the 38th Greatest Life Expectancy on Earth while paying The Greatest Health Care Bills On Earth is “socialism”…
…but like I said, this is about astrology, not politics…
Anyway: said legislation contains a provision for covering “end of life counseling.” This means that, whereas private insurers will often deny hospice coverage to terminally ill patients (there’s little profit to be had from soon-to-be-dead folks), the public coverage wouldn’t leave these people on the side of the road to die the old-fashioned way.
-That’s not at all what the legislation says
-Nowhere on Earth with publicly-funded health care has such a thing
-That would require legalizing euthanasia, which the legislation doesn’t do
-Private health insurance does exactly that on a de facto basis by sometimes denying life-saving treatment.
Fortunately for the sake of intelligent, civilized discourse, she soon thereafter backed down from her fairly ludicrous statements, saying that “we must stick to a discussion of the issues and not get sidetracked by tactics that can be accused of leading to intimidation or harassment.”
But then, mavericky creature that she is, Ms. Palin has recently returned to the mythical Death Panels as a reason to reject public health insurance, thus contradicting both what the legislation actually says and herself.
Like I said: Neptune tends to cloud the judgement.
Of course, I could point out that all this cloudy judgement is simply a more ham-fisted-than-usual example of how certain political stripes have attempted to gain and retain power via overly-simplistic fear-mongering… but I won’t. After all, I’m just an astrologer. It’s my job to point out the effects of the planets… not to point out the obvious.
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Jupiter Amplifies Neptune: Laura Ling And Euna Lee In A North Korean Prison

There is a perfectly good reason why you won’t find a whole lot of astrology articles out there about North Korea, despite their nuke-swinging swagger of late and their arrest of two American journalists.
-No one knows for sure where or when Kim Jong-il was born (Various sources disagree on the year and the place — it may have been in the Soviet Union).
-North Korea itself has no less that three official birth days: March 1, 1919, August 15, 1945, and September 9, 1948. Even worse: the Rodden database (the gold standard of astrological data) gives September 12th, 1948 as the “date of birth.” This would make it a Virgo with Moon in Capricorn… which I can believe, even if there’s nothing to back it.
-I can’t even find reliable birth data for US journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee, who were recently sentenced to twelve years hard labor in a North Korean prison for illegally crossing the border from China into North Korea under mysterious circumstances.
North Korea is perhaps the biggest black box in modern political history. I’ve had a perverse interest in the place for a while now, and take my word for it — they make Maoist China look like Sweden when it comes to openness and transparency. So, on some level, the secrecy and confusion and misdirection makes perfect sense. So, it’s perhaps not surprising that the People’s Republic, led by The Dear Leader, is in the news. Jupiter amplifies any planet it comes in contact with, and it’s currently conjunct Neptune, easily the weirdest and most delusional planet in the astrological tool kit.
Having said that: I’m at as much of a loss to tell you what’s going on as anyone and everyone else on the planet is. And what little I know… as with everyone else… scares the hell out of me.
Happy Jupiter-Neptune conjunction, everyone!


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