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Improve Your Love Life With Venus Retrograde (Yes, Really!)

broken-heart-8406391One of the questions astrologers end up addressing a lot is the subject of love. How do I get it? How do I keep it? Where did it go? And now, with Venus going retrograde next Saturday… is there any hope for me at all? Like a lot of life’s big questions, astrology can provide important clues and guidance. 

That’s all fine and well if you are an astrologer yourself, but what if you aren’t and just want to understand more about these things? Maybe more to the point: how can I use all this knowledge to maximize my love life?

With Venus about to go retrograde, there are those to tell you that that is a bad time to go looking for love. The truth is: retrogrades re often a better time for reflection and contemplation and strategy rather than direct action.

That’s why during this Venus retrograde I’m going to be teaching a new online course: Use Astrology To Find And Keep Love!

It’s not going to be just any old compatibility course (although of course we will be covering all the basics of what makes a relationship work and what can screw things up). Just as importantly: we are going to look at your personal birth chart and your personal circumstances. I’m going to show you how to find your romantic strengths and pitfalls, how to find those in others,

The course will be taught both through a closed Facebook group and through email, and the course will conclude with a personalized, one on one telephone consultation with me… all for lees than the cost of a regular reading!  It will combine the best parts of general learning and reading specific to your birth chart. If you are already a member of the Learn Astrology group on Facebook, you’ll get a discount. And hey, if you aren’t a member of my Subscription Service yet, why not write me and ask about it?

If you have love in your life, this is how you can learn to keep it and make it better.

If you were looking for love, this will help you maximize your resources.

Write me today or drop by the Oh My Stars group on Facebook for more details.

Don’t just sit back and wait for Venus retrograde to run you over: use it to your advantage!

Write me for details, or to sign up NOW… and send me your date, time and place of birth and I’ll send you a free sample of my SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE too! 

Drop by and have a look at my Beliefnet Blog, where my new stuff is!

Make Your Love Life Better With Astrology!

aaaaaaloveProbably the single most vexing issue people come to an astrologer with is the business of love and relationships. Once we have our own house sorted out in life (and usually well before that point) we start looking for others to share it with… a mate, friends, even children and pets.

And often, there is a lack of that love we’re looking for, or we’ve found it and it isn’t what we had hoped, or we don’t know where to look for it, or we suspect it could be better, or something just plain ain’t right.

Fear not: help is on the way!

Starting October 2nd, I will be offering


This will be a month-long Facebook-based class for beginners or intermediate students, presented in association with my NEW BLOG at (details to come!) that combines:

-Everything you’d expect from a reading about your love life and relationships

-An astrology class where you can move beyond the basics, and see how Astrology really works…. compatibility, Venus and Mars, the Fifth and Eighth Houses, Composite Charts, and more!

-A fun and informative group discussion

-The empowerment to get what you want out of your relationships


…all in a format where you can drop in at any time, participate whenever you like, and learn and ask questions as much as you want!

I really think this is the best way I’ve found yet to both do readings and teach astrology, all on an informal schedule that works FOR you, and WITH you… AND the best deal on Astrology you’ll find.. all for LESS THAN the cost of just a reading!

A Reading, A Teacher, A Book and a Gathering… all for only $120.00 US!

PLUS: Sign up NOW and you’ll get a FREE e-copy of my book, “Conquer The Universe With Astrology: Love And Seduction By Starlight”!

If you’ve got issues with the people you love… mates, friends, children, past present or future… or haven’t found what you’re looking for yet, this is for YOU!

There’s limited admission, so contact me today for details, or CLICK HERE to sign up!


Oh, and speaking of “love and compatibility”…

Venus in Pisces, Mars in Virgo: Pinky And The Brain Try Internet Dating

(Venus in Pisces is considered to be an “exalted” placement: full of open-hearted non-judgmental love and willingness to express it. Mars in Virgo is looking to win by analyzing the details. The two positions are opposite each other, and Venus opposition Mars is in full effect now.)


(SCENE: Late night at Acme Laboratories. In a darkened corner two laboratory mice in a cage are huddled over a tiny little computer, checking out a dating site.)

PINKY: Oy, what about this one, Brain? She seems really nice, and oh look… she likes long walks! That could come in handy. Narf!

BRAIN: Don’t be ridiculous, Pinky. Pay attention to the rest of her ad. “Must be goal-oriented and self sufficient.”

PINKY: Well, that’s you, isn’t it?

BRAIN: That’s a code-phrase for “she’s a gold-digger” Pinky. You know I can’t touch my savings. I need it for a new Death Ray!

PINKY: Oh, okay. Hey, look at this ad! She says she’s easygoing and appreciates being able to relax with a loved one over a glass of fine wine!

BRAIN: She has low standards and a drinking problem. Next!

PINKY: Well, SurferGirl67 likes classical music like you do…

BRAIN: I hate what she’s done with her hair.

PINKY: This one has a fondness for animals…

BRAIN: I am an animal! She’d never be faithful!

PINKY: SunshineLover81 enjoys spending time on the beach and —

BRAIN: –and is an unmotivated skin-cancer candidate.

PINKY: AudreyJ has loved and lost but is ready to try again…

BRAIN: Too many issues with her ex.

PINKY: JJLaRue says she’s wild, spontaneous, and affectionate…

BRAIN: Tramp.

PINKY: IowaHomegirl wants a committed relationship that lines up with her values…

BRAIN: Prude.

PINKY: Narf! You aren’t making this easy, Brain! You’re analyzing everything to death!

BRAIN: (Turns off computer and walks to the edge of the cage, stares off into the distance) Enough of this foolishness! You know what we’re going to do tonight, Pinky?

PINKY: Go out and try to find someone in person, so we can see them for who they really are instead of dismissing them offhandedly based on a few lines of type and a couple of pictures?

BRAIN: No Pinky. We’re going to try to take over the world with my army of remote controlled pigeons I’ve trained to poop on anyone whop dares challenge our dominance. It’s a much more practical and achievable goal.

PINKY: (sighs) I’m lonely.

BRAIN: Shut up Pinky.

(This Thursday on “Conquer The Universe With Astrology”:  it’s Astrology: The Pants-Optional Venus And Mars Show.” Click HERE to set a reminder… and bring a date if you like.)

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If you’re new to this blog, here’s a sample of my previous shows and blog entries. Enjoy!
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Astrology: Twelve Signs Of Love

Tonight on a Mercury Retrograde encore edition of “Conquer The Universe With Astrology”: stuff from last December you probably missed:

HOUR ONE: “Twelve Signs Of Love”: true-life stories of love, hilarity, romance, tragedy, sex, friendship, and kitchen appliances based on my e-book, “Love Around The Zodiac.”

HOUR TWO: Also from December… my interview with legendary astrologer Michael Lutin!

10 PM Eastern, 7 PM Pacific
Check out my show! If you like what you hear… there’s more to come in the future! Please feel free to drop by and visit my Donations Page. It’s what keeps me going and, and you might just get a surprise…
Astrology For Life On Earth

Come And Conquer The Universe With Marguerite Manning!

Marguerite Manning, author of “Cosmic Karma,” is not only a brilliant astrologer, not only a great person overall, but (best of all)… she’s my guest on the show today at 4 PM Eastern, 1 PM Pacific! Have a listen…

Got questions? We’ll answer them LIVE… call (323) 443-7252!
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Conquer The Universe With Astrology – Bringing The Love On Valentine’s Day

Join me today at a very special time — 1 PM Eastern (10 AM Pacific) — on a very special day — Valentine’s Day — for some very special…


You know, Valentine’s Day is a problematic occasion for a lot of us. It’s about Love, of course… and that sort of thing should be celebrated as often as possible, in all its forms. But a lot of people get bent out of shape because they don’t “have a Valentine,” or the one they have isn’t performing up to expectations. Whether you want love, have love, are trying to shake it loose, turn it up, cope with it or get over it… I’m here for you and I’ll answer your questions about it. Or about anything else for that matter. Join me in the Chat Room, and call (323) 443-7252 with your questions.

And at the end of today’s show, I’m going to do something Very Naughty in public for your enjoyment.


TOMORROW at 4 PM Eastern (1 PM Pacific): Join me and my guest Marguerite Manning, author of “Cosmic Karma,” as we discuss Venus and Mars with our Valentine’s Post-Game Analysis!

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Love Around The Zodiac, Part II

The Venus-Pluto conjunction is now in effect! One way or another, love is on a lot of minds. So…

If you missed last night’s show (here’s the archive if you did), you missed six true-life tales of love and sex and intrigue and kitchen appliances… some gone right, some gone wrong, but all illustrating the love styles (one way or another) of six of the signs of the Zodiac. If you yourself haven’t got a date tonight (or if you’re looking for an excuse to ditch the one you have), join us at 10 PM Eastern (7 PM Pacific) for Part II of “Conquer The Universe With Astrology – Love Around The Zodiac”! If you can listen live, drop by the Chat Room. And if you have any questions, call me at (323) 443-7252. I’ll have a look at your love life… or anything else for that matter. Either way, a good time is guaranteed. 
And if you do have a hot date tonight, congratulations. You can always listen to the podcast tomorrow.

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Your Dream Date With An Astrologer

Hi. You look lovely this evening. You have that certain sparkle in your eyes… it must be the Venus-Pluto conjunction working its magic. I can’t imagine someone like you could be all alone on a Friday night…
But of course, if you are… join me for the first of a special two-part episode of “Conquer The Universe With Astrology” tonight at 10 PM Eastern 7 PM Pacific, based on my e-book, “Love Around The Zodiac.” I’ll be reading selections from the book and answering questions about your love life (or anything else for that matter). Join me in the Chat Room, or call (323) 443-7252. If you’re not happy with the state of your love life, we can look into what you can do about it, and when things will get better. And… if you are happy with the state of your love life… feel free to bring a date.

Part I Tonight:
Part II, same time Saturday:

Also: I can’t squeeze a corsage through my modem, but if you write me, I’ll send you your FREE guide to the Astrology of 2011! I tried sending a glass of red wine through the computer once… don’t ask how that turned out.
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Moon Conjunct Venus – Sweetness And Light

On a special surprise edition of “Conquer The Universe With Astrology”… today at 6 PM Eastern, 3 PM Pacific… the Moon will be conjunct Venus in Sagittarius. So, I’ve decided to dedicate a show to that sweet ol’ girl Venus herself, how to understand your own Venus, and how to use that to get exactly what you want out of life. Sure that mostly means “love”… but it can mean money too.

Also: The hidden Venus-Saturn connection most people aren’t aware of, and how it can be of use to you.

I’ll be answering your questions live too! Drop by the Chat Room, or call me at  1 (323) 443-7252.
Venus always gets what she wants, one way or another, eventually. Find out how you can do the same!

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Conquer The Universe Like A Millionaire Matchmaker!

Tonight on “Conquer The Universe With Astrology” my guest will be Dr. Craig Martin, professional astrologer best known for his work with Patti Stanger on “Millionaire Matchmaker”! Here’s the link so you can listen live, or click HERE to set a reminder…

As always, we’re going to have a good time. And hey, did you catch yesterday’s totally-by-surprise after noon show (scroll down if you didn’t). We had a good time. Where were you? Good thing the podcast is still available…

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