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Look Good And Attract Love With Astrology!

On a special day and time… today at 5 PM Eastern, 2 PM Pacific… my show will be all about the power of seductiveness. Namely, your seductiveness, charm, and sex appeal… how to find it in your birth chart and how to work it to maximum effect! And of course… free stuff for everyone who writes in!

Join me, won’t you? Wear something comfortable.

And for those of you who missed it, here’s last night show… Michael Lutin and Me vs. Ophiuchus (among other things)!

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Maximize Your Attractiveness With Astrology

In the spirit of yesterday’s installment of “Conquer The Universe With Astrology,” it’s time once again to take charge of your life and get what you want, instead of just sitting around waiting for things to fall out of the sky at you. Friday at 5 PM Eastern (2 PM Pacific… a special time!) I’m going to look at very specific strategies for both maximizing your personal attractiveness… and how to gain the upper hand with the target of your affections!
So: whether your an Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius or Pisces (whew!), or just want to date or charm or seduce one… this show is for you!

I’ll be taking you calls too during the show, at (323) 443 -7252. And… if you don’t have the details of your birth chart (or if you’d just like me to send you a freebie) write me for more!

PS: Don’t forget about tomorrow night’s show with the amazing Michael Lutin!

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Love, Astrology, And Alchemy!

Ever notice how the Universe occasionally conspires to make you wait for something important? You Big Moment, meeting your Soul Mate, or (in this case) having the previously-postponed Jessica Shepherd on “Conquer The Universe With Astrology”…

On tonight’s show: an interview with Jessica Shepherd, Author of “A Love Alchemist’s Notebook.” Not only is Jessica an astrologer who knows a thing or two about thinking with your Venus… she’s written a guide as to what you can actually do with it, in practical terms, to find The One!

10 PM Eastern, 7 PM Pacific. The Chat Room will be open a few minutes early… drop by before all the best hors d’oeuvres are gone.
Also tonight: your questions answered, so gimme a call! And as always… free stuff for anyone who writes me!
(And hey… that “thinking with your Venus” line? That was her, not me.)
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Glorious Romantic Victory With Astrology TONIGHT!

Looking for True Love? Glorious Romantic Victory is at hand, Comrades!

“Hey, Comrade! The path To Glorious Romantic Victory doesn’t involve drunk dialing your ex! You should use Venus Retrograde to review the past and learn from it… not to use the past as an escape! You’d better listen to ‘Conquer The Universe With Astrology’ TONIGHT for a little re-training!”
(Then, a few days later…)
“Thanks for the love life advice, Comrade Astrologer, and for the free e-books!

NEXT WEEK: The Triumphant Return of Christopher Witecki of! Click and set that reminder!
NOVEMBER 18TH: Haven’t found The One just yet? Jessica Shepherd, astrologer and author of “A Love Alchemist’s Notebook” is going to be here to help you fix that! Don’t miss it!
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Fix Your Love Life With Astrology In Three Easy Steps!

Step One: Join me and author of “Cosmic Karma: Understanding Your Contract with the Universe” Marguerite Manning ( on her show for our conversation: “The 7th House: Who’s The Matter With Me?” Wednesday at 7 PM Eastern, 4 PM Pacific!

Step Two: Grab your birth chart! What, you say you don’t have your birth chart? You don’t know much about astrology? I’ve got a chart for you for free… just go to and sign up (for free!) and you’ll get your chart and Personality Profile. It’s a good one, and well worth having.

Step Three: Join me on my show Thrusday, when we’ll put it all together into a sure-fire solution for all your Love Life Woes!*

And as always… send me an e-mail with your questions, or just to score your freebie e-book!

*(Your mileage may vary)

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The Astrology Of Bad Love

Over the years as an astrologer, I’ve seen a lot of bad relationships. And I look at relationships a lot in my role as the blogger for I’ve also seen a fair number of good ones of course, but let’s be honest — it’s the bad ones you often learn the most from. Now although I can’t say I’ve gotten the keys to the “perfect” (ha!) relationship here in my back pocket, but I’ve certainly observed where a lot of the problems come from.

I’ve combined much of my material on this subject in a new e-book…

The Astrology Of Bad Love
When The Stars Are Right But Your Heart (Or Head) Isn’t… Or Is That The Other Way Around?

…along with new material you haven’t seen anywhere else.

And unlike your last bad relationship… this won’t cost you a thing. No, really. It’s free. Free. All you have to do is write me and ask for it just like my last freebie (which if you ask for it now… you’ll get that TOO).

Whether you’re a total beginner at Astrology, or have gotten a little deeper into the dynamics of astrology and relationships… or are just looking for the occasional pained chuckle at how this things can go off the rails… “The Astrology Of Bad Love” has something for you.

What’s not to love about THAT?

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Dropping Off Your Emotional Baggage At The Venus Station

Venus comes to a “station” tomorrow and turns backwards… retrograde. If you’ve been exposed to much astrology in your time, you’re probably familiar with the effect of Mercury Retrogrades. I never used to put too much stock in them… and still don’t cringe in superstitious terror of them as some do (even though The Universe has occasionally backhanded me for that attitude)
Astrology should be more than just a matter of “good times are coming next week” or “it’s about to hit the fan.” Most people don’t pay attention to a weather forecast just to bitch about the rain… they do it so they know whether or not to take an umbrella. So, with this in mind, I’d like to present my prescription for the upcoming Venus station and retrograde.
Just as thought and communication can get screwy during a Mercury retrograde, matters of love and money can go similarly awry during a Venus retrograde. But knowing that the conditions are coming, you can take the appropriate actions.
Of course, the effects of this Venus retrograde will depend on the placements in your birth chart. But just as a general precaution, now is a good time to reflect on the state of your heart (and your wallet). As Venus is currently in Aries, the temptation is to leap at love… and being retrograde, the temptation isn’t tempered by what most people would consider to be complete rationality.
I know I’m going to be taking the time in the next couple of days to take a good long look at things, and make some cuts. And maybe… just maybe… a couple of leaps. After all, Venus is in Aries… and what’s the point to anything being in Aries without being a little bold about it?

The Amazing Surprise Economic Turnaround Astrology Experiment continues! Click here to read more, and to join in!
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Astrological Snapshots: True Tales Of Anonymous Old Loves

I’ve wanted to write more about compatibility here, but I haven’t given in to the temptation to talk about my own experiences. That didn’t seem right somehow, given that talking about old relationships naturally means talking about the other person… and this isn’t one of those blogs where I’m going to go on about specifics, like how Heppa The Icelandic Stripper promised me the world and then broke my heart. It’s not my style to wave other people’s dirty laundry around in public.

I’ve found a solution. Below you will find snapshots presented in random order — brief extracts from the birth charts of some Significant Others — and how that part of them interacted with me both astrologically and observably.

Should any of the exes mentioned here come across this blog, they’ll probably recognize themselves. So, for you: you’ve been immortalized, in public, yet anonymously.

Isn’t that cunning of me? You always loved my brainpower…


Her Moon/Ascendant trines my Sun

Her Venus sextiles my Venus

Her Mars squares my Saturn

What fantastic buddies! What jolly partners in crime! Everything was great… but we fought. Neither of us wanted it, but the amazing energies released by Mars and Saturn always ended up coming out as anger and hostility in the end. We were like a nature film of two ants fighting, where one ant gets his head ripped off… but he keeps fighting anyway. Over and over and over…

Other than the frequent decapitations, it was great.


Her North Node conjuncts my Sun

Her Venus squares my Venus

Her Moon/Uranus conjunction squares my Moon/Mars opposition

I think you saw in me everything that you ultimately wanted in a man. What I don’t think you saw… and what I didn’t want to admit I saw… is that we started off in different directions and never really grew together. Which is a shame, because in a world full of crazy people, your craziness was kind and decent. May your Soul Mate Quest end as magically as you deserve.


Her Moon conjuncts my Moon (in Cancer)

Her Jupiter squares my Venus

Her Sun conjuncts my Uranus/Pluto conjunction

You’re so sweet and so caring, and you love cookies as much as I do. And you are beautiful: beautiful enough to make a living from it, but too modest and shy to make a real go of it. Which is a shame, because that quality only makes you more beautiful. You wear it well, and it reflects what’s inside you.

Too bad you thought I was completely nuts and unstable and I was completely NOT what your family wanted for you.


Her Mercury/Mars/Jupiter conjunction sextiles my Moon/trines my Mars

Her Pluto EXACTLY opposes my Saturn

Oh God! Everything about us was fantastic, from the bedroom where it started into the wild strange world we discovered together. But we were doomed and unstable together… as doomed and unstable as we were as individuals at that time. But, out of everyone listed here… I still empathize with you most of all. Shine on, you crazy diamond.


Her Sun squares my Moon and Mars

Her Neptune conjuncts my Sun

Her Saturn/South Node forms no aspects to anything in my chart

We certainly got each other’s attention, and in many ways seemed to be the answer to each other’s prayers. We were everything the other was looking for. And yet it had all the staying power of a house of cards in a hurricane, and the practical obstacles that could have been overcome looked like mountains, from my angle.

So I choked.


Her Ascendant conjuncts my Sun

Her Mercury opposes my Saturn

Her Sun squares my Mercury/Nodes

Everything about us had a feeling of Destiny. When we first met, casual though it was, time stopped, like a flashback scene from Highlander. We had known each other before, and would know each other again. And on top of that, we both seemed to be exactly what the other needed, even if we could never really define it. But when you told me you loved me… it felt forced. And I needed that from you, more than anything. More than with anyone else.

Of course, what I really needed was a mother, and what you really needed was a husband.

Too bad for both of us we already had those.



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Valoween: A Very Pluto Valentine’s Day

First, please read this bit of foolery from that other blog I do sometimes.

Now: there is absolutely nothing cuddly at all about today’s Valentine’s Day chart. If anything I think a lot of you out there, on one level or another, are likely to have a weird sense around today’s traditional card and small gift/lack of card and/or lack of small gift (check whichever applies).

Maybe it’s just Pluto, freshly into Capricorn. I’ve deliberately avoided reading anyone else’s commentary on it, so forgive me if I’ve missed the consensus (if any) on the years we face ahead. I could say at this point “I think it has something to do with personal relationships” and that would be waaay too lame and vague. But I do think that is part of it, and I can’t help but notice that on Valetine’s Day today, Pluto stands on the threshold of new territory, with only a weak trine from Saturn to encourage it along.

Saturn, retrograde, in Virgo… grinding closer to the exact trine with Pluto. Picture an old man behind the wheel of a large car, backing into a tight parking space in a busy mall parking lot on Saturday. Kid’s Day. And some of the kids are wearing explosives because it’s also “International Revolutionary Appreciation Day” with the Sun and Neptune and the North Node all piled up in Aquarius.

You know something’s gonna happen.

Besides… the bad days are just potholes on the road to where you’re supposed to be… and that’s probably a happier, saner place than you may have imagined. Maybe even today.


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Goldilocks And The Twelve Signs: The Pisces Guide To Compatibility

Once upon a time Goldilocks went to Speed Dating, sponsored by the National Oat Growers Association… so naturally porridge was involved. She sat down at the big, long table and prepared to receive her potential suitors.

Before anyone else had a chance to sit down, Aries zipped in and filled the chair in front of her. “Hey baby,” Aries said, “try mine first!” Goldilocks tried his porridge. It intrigued her, but the flavor impulsively faded before she could really get into it. So she decided to wait for the next suitor.

Taurus came next. His porridge was smooth and comforting and sensual, and she really liked it. But then Taurus criticized her spoon technique, calling it ungrounded. This miffed Goldilocks to no end, especially when Taurus called her “ungrounded.”

Then Gemini sat down. Gemini’s porridge was full of interesting flavor combinations, any one of which would have been fine on it’s own, but the saffron and marjoram covered up the comfort and warmth she was really seeking.

Cancer offered his bowl next. Goldilocks was intrigued by the depth of feeling Cancer put into his offering. The conversation went well, and Goldilocks suggested they meet again, But Cancer became too defensive and scurried off.

Leo came next. His bowl was hot and shiny and flavorful… as appealing as Cancer’s, but more adventurous. But then Leo started telling her in detail how she was enjoying the wrong flavors, and how she didn’t appreciate his technique, and moved on, flipping his hair as he left.

Virgo sat down and offered his porridge. It was delicious. “Why do you think so?” Virgo asked. Then Virgo asked what basis for comparison Goldilocks had, her experience with porridge, and the exact mileage to her home. Goldilocks felt interrogated and over-analyzed, so she ran out the clock with Virgo by discussing her health issues.

Libra sat down and handed over his porridge. It was smooth and sweet and Pisces really enjoyed it. Then Libra began to question why Goldilocks thought so, and why Goldilocks picked that outfit to wear today, then accused Goldilocks of being evasive when she couldn’t answer the questions adequately.

Scorpio came next and offered his bowl. It was intense and affectionate and exactly what Goldilocks was looking for. Everything was going great until Goldilocks accidentally called Scorpio “Cancer.” Scorpio sat up straight and spent the remainder of his time berating Pisces for being unfaithful, and criticizing Goldilocks’ taste in foot wear.

Sagittarius came next. His porridge was warm and exciting, with an adventurous dash of curry. Once she finished, Goldilocks looked up from her bowl to ask for more, only to discover that Sagittarius had wandered off into the wine tasting next door, and was hitting on an ad executive from Cleveland.

Capricorn sat down and Goldilocks tried his porridge next. It was hearty and filling and good. Goldilocks asked Capricorn if she could see him again. By the time Capricorn finished delineating the cost of his porridge’s ingredients, the time involved to make it, and how his portfolio was performing, Goldilocks had lost interest and felt a little sad.

Aquarius sat down and offered his bowl of porridge. His bowl was interesting and unique, and Goldilocks found it intriguing. Unfortunately, Aquarius didn’t provide a spoon, so Goldilocks was unable to get into it in any real depth. The surface looked interesting, though. They spent the rest of their time staring at each other and then out the window.

Finally, Pisces sat down. Goldilocks was a Pisces too. This naturally started up a long conversation about their childhood dreams, last week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, and where the best place to get married would be. Unfortunately, when it came to setting up a second date, Pisces was just as scattered as Goldilocks, and nothing came of it.

Goldilocks stared out the window sadly. It had started to rain. Maybe she should just give up on the whole idea of ever finding someone whose porridge gave her the combination of strength, sensitivity, and romance that she was hungry for.

Just as she got up to leave, Aries zipped in and filled the chair in front of her. “Hey baby,” Aries said…

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