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Jupiter Trine Jupiter: When Astrologers Wed!



A personal note on astrological compatibility:

What do you do when you meet someone and fall in love with them? You start a relationship of course. And what if that person’s Sun is conjunct your Moon, and your Jupiters are trine each other, and her Venus is smack in the middle of those two Jupiters, and you really just can’t imagine your lives without each other?

Well, you get married of course. Did you really need an astrologer to tell you THAT?

So please everyone: update your social calendars. Aliza from and I are no longer in circulation.

Thank you to all our friends scattered across cyberspace who have wished us well. Many of you have asked what you can do or where the wedding registry is. Details (and a word from Aliza) are HERE.

Astrological compatibility: it really works!


Love And Sex In The Stars: Make Me Your Own

The intersection of astrology and human hearts — who knows what things collide there? We do! Join Hilary and Matthew every week for fun, advice, tea and sympathy as we delve deep into the darkest reaches of the human heart and shine a little starlight in!
THIS WEEK: Tosha Silver joins us to share some of the inspired poems from her new book “Make Me Your Own: Poems to the Divine Beloved”!
4 PM Eastern, 1 PM Pacific

On Coping With Your Squares And Oppositions


Some words of advice to a client of mine, an amateur mountain climber, frustrated by the large number of squares and oppositions in her birth chart:

“You know, a lot of people get killed every year climbing Mount Everest. And those who don’t? They come down the mountain with a story and that’s all. Maybe some photographs. But as far as actual, observable stuff from the trip? Nothing really. You might see a change in their attitude but really: they could have probably gotten that from the right therapy session or the right words from the right astrologer. Why not?

It would probably be for the best if we just forgot about Everest. Sure, it would take a fair amount of work to rewrite the maps and to re-edit some films and make some documentaries disappear and re-bury Sir Edmund Hillary somewhere where no one will find him. But it would save lives and it would certainly save a lot of people a lot of trouble and expense.

Perhaps we can surround Mount Everest with miles and miles of barbed  wire, and big signs that say NOTHING TO LOOK AT HERE PEOPLE, MOVE ALONG. Lots of people avoid disaster every day simply by paying attention to warning signs.

Of course the mountain would still be there. Even if we relocated everyone who lived nearby, eventually someone would find it. And they would notice how damned tall it was. And it probably wouldn’t take too long until some fool broke out the ropes and the climbing equipment.

You can ignore Mount Everest all you want, but that doesn’t make it go away. By its very nature, eventually it will call attention to itself.”

Contact me about a reading today, and maybe together we’ll figure how to get up your mountains.


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Astrology Of The Famous (And Infamous)

I have amassed a fair body of work at… as you might have heard. But some of you may not have read any of my stuff there. For your convenience I’ve gathered together this collection of links to my blog entries on the rich and famous, the scandalous and the villainous, the tragic and the triumphant.

Do some clicking and reading… and do have a look at while you’re there… your soul mate might be waiting for you there.


The Entertaining

RuPaul, Jessica Simpson

Love Lives

Justin BieberSandra Bullock and Jesse James, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, Nigella Lawson, Kristen Stewart

Famous People Behaving Badly

Amanda Bynes, Suzy Favor Hamilton, Charlie Sheen, Anthony Weiner

In Memoriam

Roger Ebert, Farrah Fawcett

When Tragedy Strikes

FukushimaOscar Pistorius


James Holmes, Wade Michael Page, John Zawahri


Click, read, and enjoy!
Read about my upcoming September courses on The Angles In Your Birth Chart… it’s both like a personalized reading, and a pain-free learning experience, and all available at one low price. CLICK HERE for the details!

…And don’t forget to drop by Tuesday for my live interview with Astrologer and Living Legend Robert Hand!

Learning Astrology: The Magic Of The 7th House

7th houseIf you have a basic familiarity with the main concepts of astrology, you’ve heard of “The Houses.” You probably also know that the “descendant” (the opposite point from “the Ascendant”) is where your Seventh House starts, and that the nature of that Seventh House determines a lot of very important things about you: like who your partners and closest friends are.

But did you know that your First House also represents:

– Your second child?

– Taking a short side trip while you’re on vacation?

– Making money off of your pets?

That’s part of the magic we’ll be discussing in the Facebook-based courses I’m teaching this month… and once you’ve mastered those basics, you’ll be able to see these things for yourself in both your own birth chart and in the charts of others… and the experience will be easy, fun, and affordable. We’ll be uncovering the richness and depth of astrology, and how it can be applied to pretty much anyone or anything in your life.

Whether you’re a beginner, an intermediate student, or been at it all your life, you’ll get maximum value out of these courses and the learning environment… all based on a Facebook page, so you can drop in, ask questions, and learn whenever and however you like and whenever your schedule permits.

It’s two courses in one… both like a personalized reading, both like a pain-free learning experience, and all available at one low price. CLICK HERE for the details!

…And don’t forget to drop by Tuesday for my live interview with Astrologer and Living Legend Robert Hand!


In The Stars: Interview With Robert Hand

robbie-handThe intersection of astrology and human hearts — who knows what things collide there? We do! Join Hilary and Matthew every week for fun, advice, tea and sympathy as we delve deep into the darkest reaches of the human heart and shine a little starlight in!
THIS EPISODE: We welcome astrologer, lecturer, and translator of ancient astrological works ROBERT HAND. He is perhaps the world’s most knowledgable astrologer and is a living legend in his field.
This show is NOT to be missed!
Tuesday, September 10
1 PM Eastern, 11 AM Pacific
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Fun With Astrology – The Video Series!

It’s been a busy week here, getting ready for my new online course about the 1st and 7th Houses, the Midheaven and the IC, with a side order of Moon and Vedic stuff (have you heard? It’s going to be awesome, affordable, and educational!) but I realized that many of you might be unfamiliar with my YouTube videos. Here’s a sample:

Have a listen to your own Sign, and prepare to be mildly offended. Then listen to everyone else’s Sign and be prepared to chuckle in agreement.

More videos to come in future!

Fun With Aries

Fun With Taurus

Fun With Gemini

Fun With Cancer

Fun With Leo

Fun With Virgo

Fun With Libra

Fun With Scorpio

Fun With Sagittarius

Fun With Capricorn

Fun With Aquarius

Fun With Pisces

Get A Reading, Learn Astrology, Change Your Life!


Many of you want to consult an astrologer to figure out what your life here is all about and what’s coming up in the future. That’s great… it’s what I’m here for. Many of you want to learn more astrology so you can more fully understand yourself and those around you. That’s great too… I teach astrology, after all.

…But what if you could get BOTH all at once for less than the price of a reading OR an online class?


This September, I’ll be offering not one but TWO online, Facebook-based intensive courses that combine a personalized reading AND an individual learning experience:

September 9-21: IS IT ME OR IS IT YOU? The Ascendant/Descendant Axis

You’ll learn all about your Rising Sign and First House and how they affect who you are, how others perceive you… even how you look! We’ll also be covering the Descendant and Seventh House: what you want and need in a partner, and the specific ways they can lift you up… or drive you crazy. You’ll not only learn the specifics about how these affect you, but how to decode others by understanding these placements in your chart and in theirs.

SPECIAL BONUS FEATURE: Your Rising Lunar Mansion!

We’ll also be taking a look at the magic of Vedic Nakshatras, specifically: the Nakshatra (Lunar mansion) that was rising when you were born. It gives a surprising depth of understanding that regular Western Astrology can’t touch. Plus… it’s Vedic without tears!

September 22-November 6: GROWING UP AND GETTING OUT: The Midheaven/IC Axis

Mom and Dad, Work and Home, making your mark and getting away from it all… it’s all here! The MC/IC Axis is all of these and more. Understand where you came from, where you’re going, and what you can do about it. Childhood issues, career issues, your roots and your fruits will all be covered.


Your Moon placement and the aspects to it are a vital clue to your emotional security zone, how you can be your best, and how you unknowingly sabotage yourself. Understand your emotional potentials with both Western and Vedic techniques!


Each course takes place over two weeks, but because it’s being taught on the Facebook-based model developed by Aliza from and myself, you can drop in at any time that’s convenient for you, learn as much as you want by interacting with others (anonymously if you like), and study at your convenience. And who knows/ You might even make an astrologically-minded friend or two.

EVEN BETTER: Each course is less than the cost of a regular reading, yet gives you as much information about yourself as a reading would… and if you sign up for BOTH courses, you get not only an ADDITIONAL discount, but a free e-copy of my book, “Conquer The Universe With Astrology”!

Two Courses, two readings, one spectacular offer!

$90.00 per course, or $150 for both!

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This offer will NOT be repeated!

New Moon In Virgo: Be A Squirrel, Not A Rat

It would be a shame to let a perfectly good New Moon in Virgo slide by unnoticed… especially one that has such real potential to change your life for the better. This Thursday, you have a chance to make things start going your way in a conscious, controlled manner.

Here’s the forecast,.. with a bit of a digression about rats and squirrels.


Need a hand figuring out your life and where it’s going?
Click on “About Readings” above and find out how I can help…and make sure write me and ask about The Jupiter Bounce!
Write me and find out more!

What An Astrologer Can Do For You

I’ve noticed recently that there’s a lot of astrology out there on the Internet, and a lot of astrologers… but surprisingly little about what an astrologer can do for you. I’d like to help correct that.

First of all, here’s something about why I am an astrologer — but the short version is this: I was a counselor. I wanted to help people, and astrology cut through the nonsense and got to the answers and to the results faster than anything I learned in college.

You can come to an astrologer out of either general curiosity, or specific needs. Curiosity is great — it is the best way to uncover issues and options you didn’t even know you had. Part of success in life is taking the right action… but another part is asking the right questions. Another component is self-knowledge, and few things in life can help with that better than an outside perspective.

Caring help, facing down and de-constructing obstacles, and self-knowledge… great. But about what, specifically? In short: pretty much anything.

Many of us face dissatisfaction with material life. Am I on the right career path? Where do I even find a career path? How can I increase business opportunities? Where do I look for a job? How do I get my expenses under control? When is a good time to start my own business? When is a good time to leave my job? Yes, I can help you with those questions.

Then there are the connections we form with others. Why do I feel isolated? Why is my partner being the way he/she has been lately? Why don’t I have a love life at all? How can I handle these concerns about my family? And so on. I can help you with those issues too. In fact, I’ve got a Two Astrologer Special going on about that right now…

So: Love and material security. Pretty good so far, dontcha think? And that’s without mentioning any of the other things an astrologer like myself can help you with, like:

What can I do to be healthier? What is my spiritual path through life? What’s going on with my pets? When’s a good time to get a makeover? Where can I find the right social circle? What’s going on with my sexuality? Should I go back to school, and when, and how? Is there something I’m supposed to be doing with my life that I’m not?

Like I said before: I can help you with pretty much anything. Drop me a line and find out more.

Come back Tuesday for exciting details on my two new courses coming up in September!