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Conquer The Universe With Astrology: Three-Way Karmic Action!

On the next “Conquer The Universe With Astrology”:

FIRST: Karmic Astrologer Marguerite Manning joins me to discuss “FATHER HUNGER AND MOMMY DEAREST: ARE YOU INVOLVED IN AN UNCONSCIOUS 3-WAY?” (I swear she came up with that title). We’ll be talking about all the unconscious ways your Venus and/or Saturn placement can really screw with your love life.

THEN: Canadian recording artist Veronica Start will join us for a very specific look at how that Uranus-Pluto square has panned out in her life so far. 

AND IN BETWEEN: Your questions answered when you call in or join the Chat Room, what to expect from Mars in Leo, and the occasional sound effect.

Thursday at 10 PM Eastern, 7 PM Pacific

(And for those of you who like to play along at home, Here’s Veronica’s chart, with transiting planets on the outside):

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Ding Dong, Duck Dong: The Uranus-Pluto Square Wakeup Call

Why do ducks have such enormous penises?

What does pot smoking in Canada have to do with your mid-life crisis?

What does Catherine Zeta-Jones’ recent admission to psychiatric care have to do with you if you were born in 1969-1970?

What does this all have to do with the Uranus-Pluto square?

Listen tonight to find out at 11 PM Eastern (8 PM Pacific)…

(Special Grown-Up Language Warning for tonight’s show. There’s some transits you can’t describe properly without swearing a lot.)

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If you’re new to this blog, here’s a sample of my previous shows and blog entries. Enjoy!
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The Shocking Uranus-Ram

1928: Uranus enters Aries. The world’s old orders are falling apart…and new orders begin to assert themselves. Some people are making a fortune… and others struggle for basic labor rights.

2011: Uranus enters Aries again, and… well, take a look around, will ya?

Tonight on “Conquer The Universe With Astrology”: Uranus enters Aries, and I’ll be discussing the long-term implications for all twelve Signs. That, I’ll be taking calls and answering your questions at (323) 443-7252!

10 PM Eastern, 7 PM Pacific

Check out my show! If you like what you hear… there’s more to come in the future! Please feel free to drop by and visit my Donations Page. It’s what keeps me going and, and you might just get a surprise…

And yes, I still send free stuff to everyone who writes me!

If you’re new to this blog, here’s a sample of my previous shows and blog entries. Enjoy!
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Conquer The Universe With Astrology Before It Blows Up!

THIS EPISODE: the Uranus-Pluto square, the reason why the world looks so crazy today, and what you can do about it! Your questions anserwed too! Join me in the Chat Room, or call (323) 443-7252!

Check out my show! If you like what you hear… there’s more to come in the future! Please feel free to drop by and visit my Donations Page. It’s what keeps me going and, and you might just get a surprise…

And yes, I still send free stuff to everyone who writes me!
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Wikileaks, Wikifear, And The Astrology Of Julian Assange

Join me Thursday on “Conquer The Universe With Astrology” and my special guest, astrologer Lynn Hayes. We’ll be talking about what’s coming up for 2011, and I’ll be getting her opinion on what may be the biggest developing story of 2011… one which has already started.
You’ve already heard about Wikileaks and the huge embarrassment caused to the world’s (well, mostly America’s) intelligence community. Huge pressure has been placed on Wikileaks to put it out of business… dubious personal charges against founder Julian Assange, calls for his immediate termination (and no, I don’t mean “firing”), and various attempts to cut off his funding.
But then…. PayPal went down. Mastercard went down. Visa went down. Angry mobs with torches — the cyberspace version — are hard at work. And Uranus The Rebel Planet hasn’t even reaches feisty Aries yet. That happens in March 2011.
Another thing that is scheduled to happen in early 2011? Wikileaks releases its next big info-dump. This time: thousands of documents relating to American Banking.
If people could get this upset over diplomatic gossip… how are they going to react when they find the Enron-sized shenanigans that go into their credit card rates, and their mortgages, and financing the people who voted for more tax breaks for the ultra-rich?

Here’s the birth chart for Julian Assange… birth time uncovered by Mountain Astrologer Magazine:

We live in interesting times, people. And they’re about to get a lot more interesting. Join Lynn and I Thursday for more, and write me for your freebie!

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Uranus In Aries (Epilogue): Something Stirs In The Cornfield

(Due to a freak blogging injury, Matthew Currie is not available today. In his place we present a Special Guest Blogger… the planet Uranus itself. Your slightly less massive and less methane-filled blog will return next time.)

Hi everyone. Hope you are all enjoying your smoothly-running, predictable lives, and are having a good time here on my favorite astrology dating site. I’d like to take a few minutes of your time to correct some misunderstandings about the nature of my tour through Aries.

It’s my job to bring unusual and interesting circumstances into your life. Of course that’s true of all the planets, but my deliveries have more of an unexpected, sudden feeling to them… even when they are as a result of things that have been boiling away quietly just beneath the surface, sometimes for ages.

You see, aliens will be landing. But, don’t worry… everything will be just fine, and life will go on as usual. Stay calm. Some of them have landed already. They’ve landed in your work place and your relationships and in your head.

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Gary Coleman Is Dead, Gary Oldman Is Alive, And Uranus Is In Aries

Gary Coleman (Born, February 8, 1968, time unknown, Zion, IL) died of a cerebral hemorrhage Friday. Most astrologers (and rightly so) shy away from playing “prophet of doom,” but in hindsight, Coleman’s transits are classic for this sort of thing: Uranus, newly entered Aries, is conjunct Coleman’s Mars/Saturn midpoint (associated with blood pressure issues). Saturn is conjunct his natal Uranus, and Neptune is conjunct his natal Mercury… all of which are bad signs for neurological issues, and circulation in the brain. 

Given his medical history, this may not be the biggest shock to those who knew Mr. Coleman. But Uranus always brings surprises. Consider the startling case of actor Gary Oldman, who (despite a current wave of Internet reports) is clinging tenaciously to life today. Thanks to the modern miracle of Internet communications (and the ancient miracle of miscommunication), there weekend was flooded with rumors of Mr. Oldman’s death.

You see, Mr Oldman (March 21, 1958, 10:56 AM, London UK) has his Sun at 0 Degrees Aries…. right where Uranus is now.  His Sun is in his Tenth House, which rules public reputation. And his natal Saturn (in his Sixth House… daily work routines and such) is being squared by transiting Saturn. Translation: the rumors of Gary Oldman’s death are highly exaggerated.

What does all this mean to you and me? Simple. Uranus is going to liven things up, unpredictably, for a lot of people in a lot of ways. And isn’t that exactly what a good romance… or an exciting new career, or any of the other things people consult astrologers about… is supposed to do? 
Astrology For Life On Earth

Uranus In Aries: The First Day Of School For Humanity

Here I was… all ready to tell you about my current special deal on readings… discounts, free stuff, and more… when the larger implications of all my recent astrological research fell into place with a dramatic thump.

Every once in a while, you’ve got to go out on a limb… astrologers included. I normally don’t predict anything specific for anyone in the course of a consultation unless I have plenty of reason to back up what I’m saying. As a result, thankfully, I’m usually right, even about the crazier, less-easily-predicted things that come up. 

Having said that… here’s me, out on a very big limb.

I think I’ve figured out what the Big Message will be with Uranus in Aries, combined with Pluto in Capricorn. It seems to me that when you put the two together… the undeniable transformation of how we view our material world and surroundings that will come with Pluto in Capricorn,. combined with the “what about me?” rebelliousness of Uranus in Aries.. we’re going to be getting one undeniably huge result. And I think I’ve figured out exactly what form that will take.

It may be hidden away in the red, surprisingly damp soil of an otherwise dead-looking desert millions of miles away from us. It may make its voice known in a faint radio signal. Or it may be something even more dramatic… but one way or another, before Uranus leaves Aries in March, 2019, I believe we’re going to discover something that may have been shouting at us from the sky since long before we had the ears to hear it.

We’re all going to be a little less alone, whether that fits comfortably with everyone’s world view or not. And how tragically limiting… holding to a single world, or a single world view, when there’s just so much of everything out there.

It will be the beginning of humanity really grasping its place in the Universe. And, who knows? It could be the beginning of a fascinating conversation.

“It’s the first day of school, fellas…”

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Uranus In Aries, Part Three: Where The Rebellion Happens

So here we are, with Uranus in Aries, and the world hasn’t blown up yet. But the fuse is lit, and big explosive change is coming… even if it’s a prolonged, quiet explosion. Here’s how it’s most likely to affect you, by Sign. If you know your Rising Sign, read it from that angle too. Stay calm, make sure your helmet is on, and get ready for (potentially) the best blow-up ever!

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