Change Your Life With The Astrology Of The Moon!


Once you get past the basics of Sun Sign Astrology, one soon learns the power of The Moon: how it affects your moods, your appetites, your needs, and how it drives your emotional life. But even once you’ve learned those things about how your Moon Sign affects your life… there’s always more!

That’s why Aliza of Moon Pluto Astrology and I are pleased to present:


A Guide To Your True Self

We’ll be teaching you the basics and beyond…

-The meaning of the natal Moon in the birth chart. The Sun might be what you want, but The Moon is what you need.

-The meaning of the progressed Moon: how your emotional fulfillment needs change over time, and how you can adapt to those changes.

-Moon phases, and what they mean spiritually, symbolically, and practically.

-New Moons, Full Moons, and Eclipses: the cycles that mark the milestones in your life, and what to expect from them.

-The meaning of the Void of Course Moon — one of astrology’s most useful timing concepts, made easy to use!

-The Secrets of The Vedic Moon: the master clock of your karma.

PLUS: Individual chart work, where aspects to YOUR natal Moon will be discussed!

…and more!

It’s an ideal learning experience for beginners, intermediate students, and beyond! Sign up today and you’ll take part in an online experience that will enrich your understanding of yourself and others, and will make your life a better, smarter, more effective place to live!

Class Begins NOVEMBER 16th! Click here for all the details!

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