Get More Bounce With Jupiter!


Sometimes, the Universe offers us an opportunity to “get ahead of the ball” — to see ahead to plan better things for ourselves and our loved ones, and to foresee how painful and difficult situations can be repaired or set aside.

In the next ten months, you’re getting an opportunity like that.


In Astrology, Jupiter is the generous giant that brings good times and a sense that The Universe is on your side. Of course, like anything else in life, it’s not always that simple.
Jupiter gives us the sense our worlds are operating within a certain philosophical framework — it’s the rulebook that keeps everything running in an orderly manner. It’s the referee who (more often than not) makes the call in our favor.


Saturn has an unfortunate reputation for being the planet that brings pain and frustration… and I admit, sometimes that reputation is justified. It’s all fine and well to talk about “growth experiences” and “life lessons,” but those things aren’t always very happy or comfortable while they are actually happening.

The two biggest planets in our Solar System have two very different effects on our lives. But what if those two planets actually joined forces and worked together for a common cause? Imagine the changes that could happen in your life!

That’s what’s happening over the next ten months, as Jupiter rolls through Cancer (the Sign of its “exaltation” — where it is strongest) and Saturn moves through Scorpio. In early November, Jupiter performs a “station”… when from our perspective on Earth, it grinds to a halt and becomes more powerful, then rolls backwards until March 2014, then moves forward again to reach the point where it stopped and turned by June. During that entire time, it will be aspected by Saturn in a trine — arguably the most agreeable, useful, and smoothly functioning of the aspects.

How will this affect you? Better yet… how can you work with those energies to get maximum results? These questions are why I’m presenting…

A Year Of Astrological Power

…a special reading covering the period from now until next September in which I’ll help you outline what’s going on in your life, what can be fixed, and what can be made better, and how and when The Universe is giving you the green light to GO!

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