Full Moon In Virgo: This Message Is For You


Stop. Listen. The Universe has a message for you, right now. The Full Moon in Virgo culminates tomorrow at 1:08 PM Eastern/10:08 AM Pacific, but the transmission has already begun.



What’s coming loose in your life? What’s under pressure? What dreams are struggling to be born, and what nightmares are you trying to ignore? Is there something difficult you need to embrace? Is there a hope you’re afraid to reach for? Is there a reality you can’t keep stuffing in the closet for much longer? What does this strange signal mean?

That sound you hear in the back of your head is the opening shot of The Cardinal Grand Cross, which peaks in April… but the seeds of the Oncoming Storm have already been planted. It’s up to you what you’ll harvest from it. The tensions being caused by this Full Moon are trying to point you in the right direction, to spur you to action, to help you understand what needs to be done.

Listen. Listen now, today and tomorrow. What is The Universe whispering? Listen.


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