Get A Reading, Impress Your Loved Ones, Support A Great Cause!

stand for astrologyDear Friends:

We stand at the darkest and most perilous time of the year… Holiday Shopping Season. I hereby present to you an all-in-one solution that will give you guidance and understanding, will thrill and impress your loved ones, and will also help make your world a better place.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you THE ASTROLOGY SOLIDARITY PACKAGE!


-A full hour-long consultation with me via phone, Skype, Messenger, or e-mail (or even in person if you’re in the NYC area)!

(Some testimonials as to what a reading can really do!)


-A half-hour (but nonetheless thorough) consultation for a friend or a loved one (or heck, even yourself!)

(Whoa, a reading from a real-life Beliefnet contributor? That’s pretty darned impressive, and lots better than those socks you gave last year!)


-A portion of the proceeds will go towards the MATTHEW CURRIE ASTROLOGICAL FOUNDATION (that’s me) Amazing Ten Dollar Challenge, designed to counter the vicious illogic and snark of the James Randi Educational Foundation!

ALL THIS CAN BE YOURS FOR ONLY $90… a discount of over 25% from the regular reading (which is still a great deal but contain less glory)!

Write today for details, or CLICK HERE to book your reading NOW!

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