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Many of you want to consult an astrologer to figure out what your life here is all about and what’s coming up in the future. That’s great… it’s what I’m here for. Many of you want to learn more astrology so you can more fully understand yourself and those around you. That’s great too… I teach astrology, after all.

…But what if you could get BOTH all at once for less than the price of a reading OR an online class?


This September, I’ll be offering not one but TWO online, Facebook-based intensive courses that combine a personalized reading AND an individual learning experience:

September 9-21: IS IT ME OR IS IT YOU? The Ascendant/Descendant Axis

You’ll learn all about your Rising Sign and First House and how they affect who you are, how others perceive you… even how you look! We’ll also be covering the Descendant and Seventh House: what you want and need in a partner, and the specific ways they can lift you up… or drive you crazy. You’ll not only learn the specifics about how these affect you, but how to decode others by understanding these placements in your chart and in theirs.

SPECIAL BONUS FEATURE: Your Rising Lunar Mansion!

We’ll also be taking a look at the magic of Vedic Nakshatras, specifically: the Nakshatra (Lunar mansion) that was rising when you were born. It gives a surprising depth of understanding that regular Western Astrology can’t touch. Plus… it’s Vedic without tears!

September 22-November 6: GROWING UP AND GETTING OUT: The Midheaven/IC Axis

Mom and Dad, Work and Home, making your mark and getting away from it all… it’s all here! The MC/IC Axis is all of these and more. Understand where you came from, where you’re going, and what you can do about it. Childhood issues, career issues, your roots and your fruits will all be covered.


Your Moon placement and the aspects to it are a vital clue to your emotional security zone, how you can be your best, and how you unknowingly sabotage yourself. Understand your emotional potentials with both Western and Vedic techniques!


Each course takes place over two weeks, but because it’s being taught on the Facebook-based model developed by Aliza from and myself, you can drop in at any time that’s convenient for you, learn as much as you want by interacting with others (anonymously if you like), and study at your convenience. And who knows/ You might even make an astrologically-minded friend or two.

EVEN BETTER: Each course is less than the cost of a regular reading, yet gives you as much information about yourself as a reading would… and if you sign up for BOTH courses, you get not only an ADDITIONAL discount, but a free e-copy of my book, “Conquer The Universe With Astrology”!

Two Courses, two readings, one spectacular offer!

$90.00 per course, or $150 for both!

CLICK HERE TO ORDER NOW… or WRITE ME for more information!

This offer will NOT be repeated!

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