Learning Astrology: The Magic Of The 4th House

4th houseIf you have a basic familiarity with the main concepts of astrology, you’ve heard of “The Houses.” You probably also know that the “IC” (short for “imum coeli,” which is Latin for “the bottom of the sky”) is where your Fourth House starts, and that the nature of that House determines a lot of very important things about you: your home life, early parental influences, and where you find your “base of operations.”

But did you know that your Fourth House also represents:

– Home ownership?

– Your digestion?

– Your partner’s career?

That’s part of the magic we’ll be discussing in the Facebook-based courses I’m teaching this month… and once you’ve mastered those basics, you’ll be able to see these things for yourself in both your own birth chart and in the charts of others… and the experience will be easy, fun, and affordable. We’ll be uncovering the richness and depth of astrology, and how it can be applied to pretty much anyone or anything in your life.

Whether you’re a beginner, an intermediate student, or been at it all your life, you’ll get maximum value out of these courses and the learning environment… all based on a Facebook page, so you can drop in, ask questions, and learn whenever and however you like and whenever your schedule permits.

It’s two courses in one… both like a personalized reading, both like a pain-free learning experience, and all available at one low price. CLICK HERE for the details!

…And don’t forget to drop by Tuesday for my live interview with Astrologer and Living Legend Robert Hand!


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