Make Your Love Life Better With Astrology!

aaaaaaloveProbably the single most vexing issue people come to an astrologer with is the business of love and relationships. Once we have our own house sorted out in life (and usually well before that point) we start looking for others to share it with… a mate, friends, even children and pets.

And often, there is a lack of that love we’re looking for, or we’ve found it and it isn’t what we had hoped, or we don’t know where to look for it, or we suspect it could be better, or something just plain ain’t right.

Fear not: help is on the way!

Starting October 2nd, I will be offering


This will be a month-long Facebook-based class for beginners or intermediate students, presented in association with my NEW BLOG at (details to come!) that combines:

-Everything you’d expect from a reading about your love life and relationships

-An astrology class where you can move beyond the basics, and see how Astrology really works…. compatibility, Venus and Mars, the Fifth and Eighth Houses, Composite Charts, and more!

-A fun and informative group discussion

-The empowerment to get what you want out of your relationships


…all in a format where you can drop in at any time, participate whenever you like, and learn and ask questions as much as you want!

I really think this is the best way I’ve found yet to both do readings and teach astrology, all on an informal schedule that works FOR you, and WITH you… AND the best deal on Astrology you’ll find.. all for LESS THAN the cost of just a reading!

A Reading, A Teacher, A Book and a Gathering… all for only $120.00 US!

PLUS: Sign up NOW and you’ll get a FREE e-copy of my book, “Conquer The Universe With Astrology: Love And Seduction By Starlight”!

If you’ve got issues with the people you love… mates, friends, children, past present or future… or haven’t found what you’re looking for yet, this is for YOU!

There’s limited admission, so contact me today for details, or CLICK HERE to sign up!


Oh, and speaking of “love and compatibility”…

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