One Handy Guide To Three Years Of Saturn In Sagittarius

No, not THAT Saturn!

No, not THAT Saturn!

Once again it’s that time of year when we look back at all that we achieved in the last 12 months and think “holy cow what the heck is going to happen next OMG?”

Or something like that.

It’s understandable the people like to get readings from an astrologer at this time of year. And with Saturn having just left Scorpio and entering Sagittarius, for many of us our major concerns will be entering a whole new phase, and there will be new battles on new battlefields.

The great news is that there are also plenty of brand-new opportunities for new and better personal victories… and that’s where getting a reading comes in.

In honor of Saturn entering Sagittarius, between now and January 10th I am offering my all-new THREE YEARS OF SATURN package.

For the cost of a regular reading, you’ll not only get a regular reading… which covers all your concerns past present and future for the next year or so… I will also give you a bonus half hour when we will look in personalized detail as to what Saturn will be doing both for you and to you in the next three years.

It’s a reading and a half! It’s three years instead of one… all recorded for your convenient reference later on!  And it’s all for the price of ONE regular reading! Order NOW before I run out of exclamation points!

Write me for details, or to sign up NOW!

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