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The Astrology Newsletter You Need!

Amy Adams (right) as Louise Banks in ARRIVAL by Paramount Pictures

Amy Adams (right) as Louise Banks in ARRIVAL by Paramount Pictures

In these confused and challenging times, we’re all asking “What can be done to make sense of our lives? Where is it all going? And most importantly: how can I get exclusive stuff from Matthew The Astrologer beyond Beliefnet and the Facebook Page and (coming soon) his regular horoscopes on Patheos? And while we’re at it, how can I get a discount on a reading from Matthew?”

FEAR NOT! The all new, all astrological MATTHEW CURRIE NEWSLETTER is coming soon. Sign up below and don’t miss a thing!

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Why struggle? Let Astrology provide guidance!

2015 is going to be as astrologically challenging a year as any I’ve seen, and I confidently predict that many people will be seeking my services in the next 12 months because of that. So I’ve decided to create a way to make that easier for all of us. Some people want the personal detail and attention that comes from a reading, and some people just want a clear-cut guide as to what to expect from the future. Why not get both for the same price?

Let me tell you about my ALL NEW SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE.

For the cost of a JUST ONE regular reading you will receive:

A monthly update with a personalized forecast… times twelve. A whole year’s worth of forecasts!

Exclusive blog content not available on Beliefnet or anywhere else. There’s some stuff we’ll be talking about that may not be appropriate for the general audience, and we’re all friends here, right? That’s right… all-new stuff you won’t get on my Beliefnet blog or at Astrologydating.com or even the “Oh My Stars” astrology group on Facebook (which is free to join, so drop on by!)

And a full one hour reading for your self or a friend (which makes a great present, by the way)

Plus any of your astrology questions answered personally throughout the year

Want a free sample? Of course you do! Send me your date time and place of birth and I will send you a free sample of the monthly forecast.

PLUS write me and I will give you details on how you can save even more if you sign up now!

PLUS you get your first month free, including my exclusive article “Your Astrological Survival Guide To Valentine’s Day.”

Let’s stay on top of 2015 together, shall we?

Write me for details, or to sign up NOW… send me your date, time and place of birth and I’ll send you a free sample! (Make sure you put “SUBSCRIPTION SAMPLE” in your Subject Line)

And hey, why not drop by and visit all my new blog material on Beliefnet?


Buy Your Ticket To The Future You Want!

3602534236_afb1c00695_oAn old joke:

Every day of his adult life, Fred has prayed to win the lottery. Day and night, on bended knee, he attends churches and temples and mosques and sacred groves and in a hundred different ways he implores the Divine: “Please, oh Lord, oh Maker of All Things, oh Most Holy One… please please please, I only ask one tiny little thing of you: let me win the lottery!”

Finally one day, when Fred is old and tired and has neglected things like getting a job and having relationships and building a life for himself, the clouds part and miraculously The One True God appears to him.

FRED,” the booming voice of The Divine says, “MEET ME HALF WAY. BUY A TICKET!


Using astrology to look at the future can be like that joke. You can see upcoming transits that indicate difficulties and opportunities, but the truth is that too often we get a bit lazy with the potential prizes and worry too much about the rough spots. It’s absolutely true that Bad news gets more headlines than Good news, but that isn’t because there’s more Bad News than Good News… that’s just Human Nature.

Aliza from Moonplutoastrology.com and I would like to help you turn that around this year.

2014: IT’S YOUR YEAR will feature both individual work just for you PLUS an inside look at how astrologers use transits to predict the future.

What’s coming up in The New Year?

-Three Mercury Retrogrades… each one closely aspects Neptune. How will it affect you, your business, and how you communicate with friends and loved ones? Know what to expect, and when to avoid the worst!

-Eclipses and New Moons… points of drama and chances to regroup.

Mars in Libra for a prolonged transit. How will The God Of War in the Sign Of Relationships affect your human relations?

The Uranus-Pluto square: exact dates and how it will affect you.


-A year’s worth of personalized transit forecasts via Kepler software, and individual chart talk with Matthew and Aliza!


Tarot from Aliza!


-Your 2014 year from the Vedic perspective… what does Karma hold in store for you?

It’s a reading, it’s learning in a friendly Facebook-based environment… it’s a year’s worth of wisdom and guidance. It’s all that and more for one low price!

We’ll custom-tailor your experience to your needs, your level of familiarity with astrology, and what you really want for yourself in 2014!

RESERVE YOUR PLACE TODAY $125.00 gets you everything

Course starts January 14th, but book now and get your Yearly Kepler Forecast in advance!

Write today for details on the course or on my current Special for private readings, or CLICK HERE to book NOW! Openings are limited!


Exclusive content, a free e-book, and more fun than a barrel full of astrologers! Join the OH MY STARS page on Facebook! CLICK HERE…

How Does An Astrology Reading Work?

How does an astrologer predict what’s coming up in the future? Play along at home and find out, as I do a reading LIVE with a volunteer and I walk you through the process step by step!

3 PM Eastern, Noon Pacific


(Charts below)

The best deal of 2013 on readings has been extended… click here for details!

New Class starts January 6th — details here!

Now, here are the charts… click on ’em to make ’em bigger.

The natal chart:



The Progressed Chart:


The Tri-Wheel (Natal Chart in the center, Progressed in the middle, Current Transits on the outside):




SPOILER ALERT! The Astrology Of 2014!


Start taking notes… it’s going to be a busy year coming up, and we’ll go through all the major astrological events of the year!

Get your birth chart out and play along at home… I’ll be walking you through the big events coming up in the sky in the next year, and discussing how they’ll be affecting you… and if you have any specific questions, I’ll answer them if you call (347) 677-1820!

4 PM Eastern, 1 PM Pacific




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The November Astrology Preview!


November is going to be an incredibly busy and eventful month! Astro-Events include:
-a Solar Eclipse in SCORPIO, sign of sex, death, & rebirth!
-Venus enters cautious Capricorn (and retrogrades in December!)
-Jupiter stations at 21 degrees Cancer and also turns retrograde
-Mercury in Scorpio GOES DIRECT
-AND Neptune GOES DIRECT in early Pisces
Dizzy yet? Here’s what’s on offer:
-Thirty minutes with me (via phone, e-mail,or IM) covering your astrological effects for the month of November… or anything else you need to know more about.
-Thirty minutes of TAROT with Aliza (from MoonPlutoAstrology) which covers any and all of the ground that astrology alone might not catch. (Aliza will add include her own Astrological insights for a modest fee, upon request.)
-A customized one-month Kepler forecast detailing the transits you need to know about.
-A personalized listing of Void Of Course Moon dates and times for your time zone. Know when to start new projects, making important decisions…and know when to avoid them for maximum effectiveness!
It’s two astrologers/intuitives for the price of one… plus the extras! You get the whole package for only $125.00!
Click here to write for more details, or HERE to take advantage of this offer now. Either way… it’s your future!