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The Astrology Of Your Inner Moon Child: Moon In Aries

matthew currie astrology moon in aries(In preparation for my upcoming online course entitled THE MOON AND YOU, I am presenting excerpts about Moon Signs from my book… a brief humorous description, followed by an appropriate Children’s Story. Enjoy!)



You enjoy being supportive of the people you care about, and tend to think of yourself as kind of a cheerleader for them. Unfortunately, others often tend to think of you more as a drill sergeant. Your emotional nature is impulsive and dashing, and your impulses often leave you dashing around and running a few people over. You have a lot of love to give, and you’re going to give it right now. Moon in Aries is reasonably vulnerable to emotional bruising, and you probably consider this to be your greatest weakness. The best defence is a strong offence, and you often risk being strongly offensive.

Moon in Aries responds well to competitive games and sports, like boxing, football, or spouse-stealing. This placement can get depressed, but responds well to physical activity like aerobics or chasing after impossible relationships. People with this placement take fierce pride in their children and families, and can always be counted on to join in a brawl with the other parents at a Little League game. Sometimes they invest so much of their identity in their children that the kids end up being the ones who goes off to work to pay the bills while the parent stays at home and cries for candy. Despite all this, they are warm and loving people.


“…And what great big teeth you have!” Red Riding Hood said to the figure under the blankets.

“All the better to EAT you with!” The Big Bad Wolf said as he sprang from the bed. Red Riding Hood quickly crammed her picnic basket into the Wolf’s mouth.

“Listen pal,” she said, “I came here for extra credit on my Senior Home Care courses. I don’t care who you are or what you think you’re doing, but you’re gonna sit down, shut up, and start knitting me a sweater.”


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