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Learn About Your Vedic Moon!


I’ve decided to start teaching Vedic Astrology, at first, from the perspective of The Moon.

If you’re a novice, this is a great way to start seeing and understanding the real power of Astrology for yourself. If you’re an intermediate student, there will be plenty of new material here for you. Even if you’re already a professional Western Astrologer, you’ll find that just the information on the Vedic Moon ALONE will greatly improve the depth of your readings… I know it’s worked that way for me… and I think The Moon is actually the best place to start with things.

Here’s a rough outline of what we’ll be covering:

WEEK ONE: Introduction to the Vedic Zodiac and Lunar Mansions, and why it is that when your planets “change Sign” they’re not REALLY doing that at all, and how the Western and Vedic systems can work together. How Vedic Sign and Mansion placements affect the Moon (and any other planet)

WEEK TWO: The Moon — it’s not just your emotions or your “feminine side”: it’s how your mind really works and is the Master Clock of your life. How aspects work in Vedic, and how aspects to your Moon affect who you are.

WEEK THREE: The Moon in its mansions in detail, and the surprisingly specific ways it makes you who you really re. Plus: The Navamsa… your OTHER birth chart. That’s right, you’ve got two of them!

WEEK FOUR: Predicting with The Moon… major life periods as lid out by the Vedic system. Ever wonder why some “bad transits” turn out good, and vice versa? Here’s why! …and after that? Well, we’ll just keep going until all your questions are answered. Think of it as an educational all-you-can-eat buffet!

THERE WILL ALSO BE: a weekly podcast covering what we’ve learned, and it will ll be done through its own Facebook page… drop in and read and learn and ask questions WHENEVER YOU LIKE, according to your own schedule!

PLUS when we’re done, you’ll receive a PDF of ll the relevant materials.

Class starts March 26th… but there’s still time to join! When you join you’ll get all the learning you want in one open-ended, no-time-limit setting. Learn at your own pace and on your own schedule! Plus: details on your own birth chart! It’s like a reading AND a course for one price.

If you’re an astrological novice, it will show you how to make real, solid observations about a person’s birth chart beyond merely “personality” stuff. If you’re a professional Western astrologer, the material on the Vedic Moon ALONE will greatly enhance your reading and your understanding. And if you’re ANYONE… it will be a good time with friends in a friendly environment.

The regular price is $90.00 but if you book TODAY I’ll knock $10.00 off… making the whole thing only $80.00! If you’d like to join, mail me and I’ll get you the details to get you hooked up!



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