The Astrology Of Your Inner Moon Child: Moon In Aquarius

matthew currie astrology moon in aquarius(I am presenting excerpts about Moon Signs from my book… a brief humorous description, followed by an appropriate Children’s Story. Enjoy!)



If you have Moon in Aquarius, you have a wonderfully open and accepting approach to life, which makes you a great companion and a terrible security guard. You don’t handle jealously well, because others can’t tell you who or what you should be… especially given that you may not know those things yourself. Moon in Aquarius has a wonderful ability to empathize with everyone, to the point where you become both the psychotherapist and the guy in the tinfoil hat. You often deal with this by trying to take a step back and logically evaluating your relationships, which may be wise but isn’t terribly romantic. You often stop and ask yourself how you feel about things, and often an answer is ages in coming.

Moon in Aquarius recognizes that all men are brothers, and you are always willing to help your brother out — unless we’re talking about an emergency loan, in which case all men are complete strangers and should go away. Nonetheless, people can (and do) find ways to take advantage of you at times. You are rarely cruel or mean, and can’t usually stand the thought of hurting anyone. This makes you a wonderful friend and a terrible surgeon.



“Off with her head!” The Queen commanded as she pointed at Alice. The Queen’s footmen all swarmed on Alice, and she threw up her arms defensively.

Then Alice grabbed several of the footmen and began arranging them in groups of four. “That’s not how it’s played at all” she said to the Queen. Alice then turned to the footmen in the back of the crowd. “Okay, you guys lie down in a pile, face down. Neatly, now.”

“Off with her head!” The Queen shouted, more angrily than before.

“Now that’s no way to run a poker tournament, Your Majesty.” Alice responded. “Here’s how it’s done.” She pointed to the group of four footmen closest to her. “See, I have a pair of eights here. So, Three and Nine, you go stand over there. Now, the two guys at the top of the pile over there? You guys come here.” Puzzled, the two footmen at the top of the pile complied. Alice smiled. “Oh boy! Three of a kind!”



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