The Astrology Of Your Inner Moon Child: Moon In Libra

matthew currie astrology moon in libra(In preparation for my upcoming online course entitled THE MOON AND YOU, I am presenting excerpts about Moon Signs from my book… a brief humorous description, followed by an appropriate Children’s Story. Enjoy!)



Moon in Libra is sweet and kind and caring… or possibly a total pushover who can’t stand for themselves. The two are often mistaken for each other, but especially in people with this Moon placement. People tend not to have too many bad things to say about you, but sometimes that’s because you haven’t made that much of an impression one way or another. You’d think that your finer qualities would make you more appreciated by others, and that is often the case. Unfortunately, in a dog-eat-dog world, you are often appreciated in the same way a dog appreciates a slice of bacon.

You have a natural empathy with others, and this can make you indecisive. And you are likely to be accommodating enough to let others make a lot of decisions for you, whether you’re conscious of it or not. You would make a gifted speaker or activist for human rights and equality issues, if you can get over your natural urge to not rock the boat. When Moon in Libra develops control issues, it usually does so because “it’s for your own good.” Moon in Libra is often “in love with love,” which is much easier and safer than actually being in love with an actual person.


The Prince kneeled down beside the still form of the Princess and placed a single gentle kiss upon her lips. Her eyes fluttered and she awoke. “Oh, that was lovely,” she said. “Do it again.”

The Prince kissed her again. After a moment she reached up to straighten his collar. “It must have been a lot of work getting in here. Your shirt is wrinkled. And are you sure this is a good color for you? Green would have worked better with your eyes. “Do you like what I’ve done with our room? I got the drapes on sale.”

” ‘Our’ room?” The Prince asked. “What do you mean?”

“Well, of course, silly boy, we have to get married now. I want six children. You can name the odd-numbered ones if you like. And we can have the ceremony on either a Thursday or a Saturday, your choice. And of course you’ll have approval over the guest list, and the dinner…. except I really want Beef Wellington.”

“I’m sorry,” The Prince said. “What was your name again…?”


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