The Astrology Of Your Inner Moon Child: Moon In Pisces

matthew currie astrology moon in pisces

(I am presenting excerpts about Moon Signs from my book… a brief humorous description, followed by an appropriate Children’s Story. And keep on scrolling down for my best deal on astrological readings EVER. Enjoy!)


What a sweet, kind, wonderful, empathic creature you are! You are welcome in any environment and there is always room for you at a gathering, rather like Jell-O at a buffet. And usually, you end up suffering the same fate as Jell-O at a buffet: either ignored because everyone filled up on something more exciting, or swallowed whole and forgotten five minutes after the bill is paid. Being a gentle being at heart, you are unlikely to stand up for yourself in either eventuality. You are kind to a fault to everyone except perhaps yourself, which is who you usually end up blaming things on.

You have a dreamy vibe to you, and have probably experienced some form of psychic phenomena. This is a good thing, because your analytical skills probably aren’t the greatest and you need all the help you can get. Rudeness and unkindness are foreign to you, despite the fact that you are often on the receiving end of it. In a world populated entirely by people with Moon in Pisces, there would be no war or intolerance — but plenty of sedatives and antidepressants. In your relationships, you have probably given a lot more love than you’ve received, but are too nice to complain about it.


“Oh, this is terrible, terrible!” Goldilocks sobbed as she laid her head down on the table and pounded her fists, making the dishes jump. “I was lost in the woods, and it wasn’t my fault, and I was so hungry… and your porridge looked so good! And I was going to leave a note apologizing! And I was going to leave money and a coupon for more porridge too!”

“And now…” she paused to blow her nose… “Now I’m going to get eaten by bears! And I love bears! They’re so cute and fuzzy, how could I not? It’s so unfair!”

“Listen, lady, I don’t know where you think you are,” The Mad Hatter said as he poured himself more tea, “but you’re obviously at the wrong party. Now shove off. All that crying is making the Dormouse wet.”

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