The Astrology Of Your Inner Moon Child: Moon In Scorpio

matthew currie astrology moon in scorpio(In preparation for my upcoming online course entitled THE MOON AND YOU, I am presenting excerpts about Moon Signs from my book… a brief humorous description, followed by an appropriate Children’s Story. Enjoy!)



Moon in Scorpio has a difficult reputation among a lot of astrologers. People with this placement are often accused of being jealous, controlling, spiteful, and hard to get along with when they are annoyed. That’s unfortunate, because it isn’t your fault that people are so unfaithful, stupid, and disagreeable. It’s just lucky for everyone else that you are here to set them straight, loudly and repeatedly, until they either get the point or stop breathing.

People with Moon in Scorpio have deep, intense feelings. If there is anything “surface” about you at all, it’s only for the same reason that the trap-door spider hunts the way it does: it’s more efficient to let your prey come to you and then be surprised. On the positive side, people rarely have to guess how you feel about them. You can be fiercely loyal and unswerving in your opinions. You can also be fiercely unswerving to avoid a collision with someone who is aiming for the same parking spot you had your eye on.



“M-m-my, wh-what b-big eyes y-you have,” The Big Bad Wolf stuttered nervously as the red pinpoint of the laser sight danced on his chest.

“That’s right… “Granny,” Little Red Riding Hood said. “And what are you going to do with them?”
“I — I’m going to… see you with them?” The Wolf hazarded.

“No!” Little Red shouted as she slapped the Wolf across the face. “you’re going to use them to find the kitchen. There, you will cough up Grandma, and the two of you are going to bake me cookies. Lots of cookies. And you’re going to do it until you get it right!”

The Wolf sobbed. “Isn’t some Woodsman supposed to come in at this point and end my suffering?” The Wolf whimpered.

“Change of plans, Wolfie,” Red said. “He pissed me off on the way over here. He won’t be going ANYWHERE for a while…”


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4 thoughts on “The Astrology Of Your Inner Moon Child: Moon In Scorpio

  1. Debbie

    Lol, i liked all that! I’m a moon in Scorpio with all the depth and intensity of feelings, but i don’t relate to a lot of the negative emotions (some, yes) …I’m pretty much a nice person! I also enjoy all the fairytales, along with the alternative versions, and have a Pinterest board of them, but funnily enough, Little Red Riding Hood has her own board because she is one of my favourites (along with Alice in Wonderland). I really like your version and I love the pic at the top

  2. Arya

    I have a moon in Scorpio, and let me share my feelings right now: I’m bored and frustrated for reading another text that does nothing at all except to stereotype Scorpios. I have never been jealous, except once when my boyfriend sent me a selfie lying in bed with another woman. IMO, all the emotionally petty people are those with moon in the 6th/12th in a boring sign like virgo or pisces. The really mad/wrecking unstable people are those with mars conjunct venus squaring opposing saturn in hell or somewhere close.
    But it is true that there’s one thing that pisses me off: astrologers describing Scorpios as if they were the bad guys. Don’t you ever think that you are adding to PREJUDICE and INTOLERANCE when you do that?
    And it is curious because only in North America Scorpios have this fame. One can’t be born in november without hearing once in a while “omg, you’re scorpio, you’re evil”.

    1. Matthew Currie Post author

      Moon in Scorpio doesn’t take teasing well, does it? 🙂

      (You’ll notice that if you read the other entries in this series, I am as kind/snide to all the other ones too, including my own)


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