Vedic Astrologer 1, Professional Skeptic Michael Shermer 0

earth-sofa-ganesha-medium_230e083aad15eeed1d7321d4a00002c2Can astrology make real, observable, verifiable observations and predictions about a person, based only on knowledge of the birth chart? Skeptics wouldn’t like to think so… and who can blame them? Believing that the planets have an actual effect on your life sounds a little nutty. Or hey… maybe it’s just another branch of psychology, and talking about your “personality” could be fun… or even useful… even if by accident.

But: real observations?

Oh yes. Read on…

Do yourself a favor: take the ten minutes to watch this, a clip from a show made by professional skeptic Michael Shermer in 1999/2000… who I’ll be talking about in my upcoming March Editorial on Beliefnet… on the skeptic’s own show, Vedic Astrologer Jeffrey Armstrong scores 92% accuracy… and it bears repeating: against the standards and conditions set by the skeptic in question.



Now please be advised: there was no tricky editing going on here on someone’s part to make it look like Jeffrey Armstrong passed the test…. he actually passed the test. You don’t exactly see Michael Shermer going around talking his head off about it, but I’ve done some research and not only is this video legitimate as presented… Michael Shermer’s biggest complaint about it is that he didn’t have time to rig the results against Armstrong.

Yes, really. My upcoming editorial will have Shermer in his own word on the matter. Betcha can’t wait for that March Editorial to come out… and I can’t wait for you to read it.


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